Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday celebration Part 2: the party

Isabel loved her party this year. This was the first time we invited her friends instead of our friends and their kids. We had the party in the gym at our church, possibly Isabel's favorite place on earth. There were tons of toys, balls, balloons and food. She had so much fun and we had fun watching her interact with her friends
Family photo
(yes, Isabel felt it was important to take a bite of her cupcake as the picture was being taken)

Birthday girl!

Isabel and Patrick on the sit and spin thing now on the sit and spin with Samuel
Josh made the mistake of doing this once with Will and then Will begged for more for the rest of the party
look at those skills!
Will enjoyed the party too!
Isabel goes to school and church with Ava and Samuel. She loves them and was so excited that they were at her party. Watching the three of them together and listening to their conversations was hilarious! Yes, little Ava is feeding Isabel her pizza.
blowing out THREE candles
Isabel opening presents. She LOVED her gifts!
Isabel and Will with nana and papa
Isabel posing for the camera
Her best friend, Ava, had to join in the fun
not sure why this is a pose but they thought it was hilarious

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