Tuesday, February 23, 2010

15 months

Somehow my baby boy is 15 months old! I have no idea how that happened so quickly. I was looking back at pictures from a few months ago and he looked like a baby. Now he looks like a little boy! I have to say that I LOVE this age. I know I say that a lot (after the newborn stage anyway) but this really may be my favorite. He is communicating so much more and learning things constantly. He loves to really play with you and is constantly doing things that make us laugh. The separation anxiety is so much better and though he can throw a tantrum, they are usually quick (and funny) and he is easily distracted (hey Will, can you throw me that ball?) We went for his 15 month check-up this morning and he is doing great. He is 22 pounds 9 oz (25 percentile) and 31 in (50th percentile). I'm amazed that he doesn't weigh a million pounds since the boy can EAT! He eats more than Isabel at every meal and begs for snacks in between. I guess the fact that he moves constantly just burns those calories. He is definitely on track with his physical and verbal development. Will has about 10 words that anyone can understand (mama, dada, nana, papa, bye bye, night night, etc) and probably 30 more that are much harder to understand because he really only says the beginning sound. As long as you can see what he is looking at or talking about, it is easy to understand what he is saying. If not, good luck! :) He also knows most of the animal sounds (the elephant is easily my favorite) and can point to most of the major body parts while saying the beginning sound of each thing. Will has 13 teeth with the 14th coming in now. Fortunately teething doesn't seem to bother him too much. Other than the constant drooling and hands in his mouth, I wouldn't even know he was teething. We are thankful that Will is a great sleeper and hope that it continues past the age of 2 (unlike his sister!)
Will is still obsessed with balls and, like his sister, the kid has an arm. He also likes reading books, playing with cars, and trying hard to play with Isabel. His new favorite activity is trying to climb in chairs which keeps me on my toes!
We love our little man so much and are enjoying every moment with him! I love that sweet face!

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