Sunday, February 28, 2010

splish splash

Bath time is a favorite around the Knierim home. We have to spell it unless we are actually ready to put them in the bath. As soon as Will hears the word he gets so excited and immediately starts climbing the stairs to the bathroom and pulling his shirt up.
I'm hoping the kids love swimming this summer as much as they love their bath. I'm so ready for warm weather!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

15 months

Somehow my baby boy is 15 months old! I have no idea how that happened so quickly. I was looking back at pictures from a few months ago and he looked like a baby. Now he looks like a little boy! I have to say that I LOVE this age. I know I say that a lot (after the newborn stage anyway) but this really may be my favorite. He is communicating so much more and learning things constantly. He loves to really play with you and is constantly doing things that make us laugh. The separation anxiety is so much better and though he can throw a tantrum, they are usually quick (and funny) and he is easily distracted (hey Will, can you throw me that ball?) We went for his 15 month check-up this morning and he is doing great. He is 22 pounds 9 oz (25 percentile) and 31 in (50th percentile). I'm amazed that he doesn't weigh a million pounds since the boy can EAT! He eats more than Isabel at every meal and begs for snacks in between. I guess the fact that he moves constantly just burns those calories. He is definitely on track with his physical and verbal development. Will has about 10 words that anyone can understand (mama, dada, nana, papa, bye bye, night night, etc) and probably 30 more that are much harder to understand because he really only says the beginning sound. As long as you can see what he is looking at or talking about, it is easy to understand what he is saying. If not, good luck! :) He also knows most of the animal sounds (the elephant is easily my favorite) and can point to most of the major body parts while saying the beginning sound of each thing. Will has 13 teeth with the 14th coming in now. Fortunately teething doesn't seem to bother him too much. Other than the constant drooling and hands in his mouth, I wouldn't even know he was teething. We are thankful that Will is a great sleeper and hope that it continues past the age of 2 (unlike his sister!)
Will is still obsessed with balls and, like his sister, the kid has an arm. He also likes reading books, playing with cars, and trying hard to play with Isabel. His new favorite activity is trying to climb in chairs which keeps me on my toes!
We love our little man so much and are enjoying every moment with him! I love that sweet face!

Monday, February 22, 2010

D-Now weekend 2010

This was a really exciting weekend for us. It was the Disciple Now weekend for the students at our church. Basically the weekend begins Friday around 5:30pm and is over Sunday afternoon. The students have all kind of fun events during the day and spend the night in different homes both Friday and Saturday night. Last year Will was only about 3 months old and nursing pretty often so I wasn't able to go to as many events as I wanted to. This year both my mom and Josh's mom came to take care of Isabel and Will so I got to help Josh and hang out with the students. I am so thankful for 2 amazing grandmas that allowed me the time away this weekend and I'm proud of how well Isabel and Will did with their grandmas!
I'm really proud of Josh. Not only did he plan every second of this amazing weekend (booked the band, recruited tons of volunteers, bought the supplies, scheduled service projects, etc) but he also wrote the curriculum the bible study leaders used and preached sermons Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning. I'm always amazed that Josh is able to teach the Bible and say honest and difficult things that we all need to hear while also making it funny and random enough that everyone (yes, even teenagers) pay attention. God used him in so many ways this weekend and I was proud to be his wife!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday celebration Part 2: the party

Isabel loved her party this year. This was the first time we invited her friends instead of our friends and their kids. We had the party in the gym at our church, possibly Isabel's favorite place on earth. There were tons of toys, balls, balloons and food. She had so much fun and we had fun watching her interact with her friends
Family photo
(yes, Isabel felt it was important to take a bite of her cupcake as the picture was being taken)

Birthday girl!

Isabel and Patrick on the sit and spin thing now on the sit and spin with Samuel
Josh made the mistake of doing this once with Will and then Will begged for more for the rest of the party
look at those skills!
Will enjoyed the party too!
Isabel goes to school and church with Ava and Samuel. She loves them and was so excited that they were at her party. Watching the three of them together and listening to their conversations was hilarious! Yes, little Ava is feeding Isabel her pizza.
blowing out THREE candles
Isabel opening presents. She LOVED her gifts!
Isabel and Will with nana and papa
Isabel posing for the camera
Her best friend, Ava, had to join in the fun
not sure why this is a pose but they thought it was hilarious

Birthday celebration Part 1

Isabel had a wonderful birthday weekend.....presents, cupcakes, grandparents, a party and friends. What else could a 3 year old need? Prepare for only turn 3 once! :)
Isabel's first Barbie
making cupcakes
Isabel is a lucky girl to have 2 wonderful grandmas and a perfect papa!
doughnut birthday breakfast
Isabel and her Grams
excited about her first princess dress
walking like a princess is hard work!
Isabel loves her tea set (and singing I'm a little teapot)
My precious model and her precious new shirt
we love Mr. Potato Head
Cinderella Isabel
Isabel's favorite job...SPRINKLES!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Isabel

It is hard to believe my baby girl is 3. Have I really been a mommy for 3 years? I can't even begin to explain the way that precious little girl has changed my life. There has definitely been some tough and frustrating times as we learn the best way to teach, discipline and love our little girl. There have also been amazing hugs, sweet words, too much laughter, and more love than I thought was possible.
3 years old!
February 20102 years old
2009 she's ONE 2008
Although I have to admit that the fussing and whining can get a little overwhelming at times, overall I would not say that the 2's were terrible. I have enjoyed watching my baby grow into a little girl. She has learned so much recently and conversations with her are almost always entertaining and interesting. Isabel can recognize all of her letters and even knows some sounds. She can recognize her numbers (through 10) most of the time and counts EVERYTHING. Over the past few months we have begun the imaginary friend stage which has been fun for us and confusing for poor Will who is constantly looking around to see who she is talking too or whose hand she is holding. Isabel fits a lot of the first born stereotype. She is a little bossy at times and likes to think that she is everyone's mommy! She loves going to school and playing with her friends there. She loves her little brother but sharing toys can be difficult for everyone! Isabel loves singing and dancing. She sings songs she knows or makes up her own and feels that the best songs are those with motions. She is still a little timid when it comes to certain things but for the past month she has been telling us all the things she won't be afraid of when she is 3. We'll see how that goes.
We love our little girl and are so proud of her. Bring on the threes!!