Saturday, January 2, 2010

Will's 1 year pictures (really late)

We took William to have his 1 year pictures made about a month ago but I completely forgot to post some on the blog. I have to say that it was quite an experience...and not really a fun one. Will is no longer a child that calmly sits and poses for his pictures. When we sat him in the cute little rocking chair, he immediately said "dow" (down) and started climbing down. Not a lot of time for a cute picture to be taken. Thankfully we did get a few good ones and even a decent family shot:
this is actually one of my favorite pictures just because it makes me laugh. they really wanted Will to pose leaning on the block. didn't happen. instead he tried to pick it up. That's my boy! :)

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kaw said...

that is a great family picture! now that the crazy holidays are over i'm ready to set up a time to meet up! :)