Saturday, January 30, 2010


Once again the weathermen started telling us to expect snow again this weekend. Since I fell for it last time, I have to admit that I was hesitant to believe him. Of course, he was right. It started snowing Friday morning and didn't stop until Saturday morning. We didn't get a ruler but I would assume that the prediction of at least 3-6 inches was accurate. This time we had real snow to play in and we had a lot of fun!
our house on Friday
our house Saturday morning
I put even more layers on Isabel this time and after getting over the initial cold, she actually had fun playing. We even stayed outside for more than 5 min this time
I thought I could just hold Will for a few minutes and then take him inside. NOPE! He wanted down to play just like his big sister
The highlight was making.....
...and throwing snowballs!!
Will stuck in the snow
He really wanted to make and throw snow balls too
It is hard to walk in the snow when you are 14 months so falls happen..

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