Saturday, January 30, 2010

play time

Recently Isabel and Will have decided that the entire upstairs is their playroom. Basically they run to and from the 3 bedrooms up there leaving toys everywhere. Hide and go seek has become a favorite game to play with daddy. The funniest part (to me anyway) is that Isabel is afraid to open the closets and look by herself so she forces William to come. Will, who has no fear, happily runs around screaming "dada" and laughing. Here are some other regular activities for my two crazy kids!
you know there has to be some posing if mommy has her camera

What to do with the bag after dumping all of the blocks out...just ask Isabel

(yes, we realize this is dangerous. I made her take it off right after I took the picture and explained that it is not safe to put things over our heads) we usually do not last long upstairs without either Isabel or Will declaring the need for music then there is some dancingof course some tickling is necessary which usually leads to crazy wrestling (which scares me to death but they love!) we can't forget Kenneth Will's favorite activity... Although I play referee A LOT, I love that Isabel and Will really love to play together. I hope they always enjoy being together!

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kaw said...

SO FUN! I think Will looks so much like Isabel in the bottom picture! I can't wait for Mae to finally start walking to they can do more of that stuff!