Monday, January 11, 2010

my kids make me laugh

Once again I have to share some of the recent things that my kids have done or said that have made me laugh. Maybe you will laugh too......... **One night I was explaining to Isabel that she needed to wear her warm, fuzzy, footed pajamas instead of the thin ones she wanted to wear Me: Isabel, you need your warm pajamas tonight. It is so cold outside. It is snowing! Isabel: ............but mommy, it isn't snowing my room **Isabel has become obsessed recently with "toe boogers" (aka the fuzz that gets stuck between your toes). She has refused to go to sleep with socks on for months now but now each night she has a ritual of taking off her socks before bed and then tells me that we can't read her book until she checks for toe boogers. The other night we heard her fussing a few minutes after she went to bed. When I went to check on her she told me that she was worried b/c she had on footed pjs and couldn't check to see if she had toe boogers. I assured her that she didn't and that she needed to go to sleep. **We have obviously talked a lot about football for the past few months. When you say Roll Tide, Will immediately holds up his arms for touchdown. Such a smart boy! The other day Isabel told me that she was going to be a cheerleader for the Alabama Titans when she "gets growned" **Josh has also taught the kids some football moves (I think he was getting worried about how much Will likes to play with Isabel's purses and shoes! ha ha). They now line up in front of him in "football position" (bending over with one hand on the ground). When Josh says "HIKE" they run at him. It is hilarious. Sometimes Will just comes over to you and kind of leans on you and says "tack" (tackle) over and over. **Isabel is all about trying to teach Will certain words or skills and then quizzes him on it later. The other day she was asking where his eye, nose, mouth, etc was. He was doing well until she said, "now William, where is your eye brow?" Poor Will. The expectations are just a little high.

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Jana said...

I love Isabel's personality! It is great that you are blogging about these sayings so that you can later remember and laugh.
Have a great day!