Saturday, January 9, 2010

let it snow..let it snow...let it snow

We had our first snow of 2010. Although we have had snow/flurries pretty constantly for the past 3 days, it was definitely NOT the 3 inches of fluffy snow the weatherman promised. Why do I always believe them? Regardless of the amount, Isabel was really excited about it. She has seen snow before was not really old enough to understand it, enjoy it or even want to go out in it. This year she was (kind of)...
Daddy handed her a snow ball as he left for work and she thought it was so great

Isabel kept asking to go play so eventually I gave in. I spent at least 10 min searching for coats, hats, gloves, etc and then trying to get everything on them. Will got these precious monkey gloves for Christmas. He loves putting them on.....and then flapping his hands really quickly so they fly off. Eventually I gave up and ended up just pulling his jacket down over his hands. He also won't keep a hat on either but after about 30 seconds outside he started shaking. I ran and got another coat with a hood and he actually left it on. It was cold!

Isabel was so excited about wearing her coat, hats and gloves (yes, she is wearing Red and pink..there was an important game that night and she had to wear her crimson!) making footprints...who needs a snowman when you can march around the driveway making foot prints in half an inch of snow? Isabel holding the tiny little snowballs she made after about 5 minutes they were done and we went inside to watch the snow through the windows. Will found Isabel's gloves and really wanted to wear them. It was hilarious because he could not get them off as easily as his even though he tried hard! It is hard to pick things up with purple gloves on!

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