Saturday, January 30, 2010


Once again the weathermen started telling us to expect snow again this weekend. Since I fell for it last time, I have to admit that I was hesitant to believe him. Of course, he was right. It started snowing Friday morning and didn't stop until Saturday morning. We didn't get a ruler but I would assume that the prediction of at least 3-6 inches was accurate. This time we had real snow to play in and we had a lot of fun!
our house on Friday
our house Saturday morning
I put even more layers on Isabel this time and after getting over the initial cold, she actually had fun playing. We even stayed outside for more than 5 min this time
I thought I could just hold Will for a few minutes and then take him inside. NOPE! He wanted down to play just like his big sister
The highlight was making.....
...and throwing snowballs!!
Will stuck in the snow
He really wanted to make and throw snow balls too
It is hard to walk in the snow when you are 14 months so falls happen..

xbox with Daddy

Any time Josh tries to play xbox when the kids are awake, Will immediately starts climbing all over him. Josh can sit in the floor for hours and Will won't pay any attention to him but the second he starts playing, Will won't leave him alone. Personally I think it is hilarious!! :)
Will "playing" with daddy

play time

Recently Isabel and Will have decided that the entire upstairs is their playroom. Basically they run to and from the 3 bedrooms up there leaving toys everywhere. Hide and go seek has become a favorite game to play with daddy. The funniest part (to me anyway) is that Isabel is afraid to open the closets and look by herself so she forces William to come. Will, who has no fear, happily runs around screaming "dada" and laughing. Here are some other regular activities for my two crazy kids!
you know there has to be some posing if mommy has her camera

What to do with the bag after dumping all of the blocks out...just ask Isabel

(yes, we realize this is dangerous. I made her take it off right after I took the picture and explained that it is not safe to put things over our heads) we usually do not last long upstairs without either Isabel or Will declaring the need for music then there is some dancingof course some tickling is necessary which usually leads to crazy wrestling (which scares me to death but they love!) we can't forget Kenneth Will's favorite activity... Although I play referee A LOT, I love that Isabel and Will really love to play together. I hope they always enjoy being together!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Isabel's haircut

I tried to get some pictures of Isabel's new haircut. She wasn't really in the mood to cooperate so this is the best we got: Before:

Monday, January 18, 2010


Yesterday was a really special day for our family. Josh became an ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Church. If you have no idea what that means or just want to learn more, you can read Josh's thoughts on it here. It was also his mom's birthday and the day he was baptised 22 years ago. Our church had a special service for him and a reception also. I am so proud of Josh and all he has done as a minister this past year. He loves his job and loves the students he works with. He is also so good at balancing family life with his work and ministry. I am so thankful for him and glad we had a night to celebrate his calling.

Josh's parents came for the ordination service. His dad actually had a part in the service which was really neat. He gave some challenges for Josh and for the church. I think it was meaningful for everyone there but especially for Josh.

Josh and I at the reception. Notice the colors of the balloons they got for us....ROLL TIDE!
Josh and some of the kids in the youth group
Josh with some of the guys in our youth group. I know it meant a lot to him to have so many students there to support him and celebrate with us
Isabel and Will LOVED the balloons. This is hours past their bedtime but both kids were crazy. Fortunately they both slept in the next morning
Will brought Papa a book and crawled up in his lap

Daddy the jungle gym

It is a known fact in our house that if you lay down on the floor, our children assume you are asking them to crawl and jump on you. The other night they also decided that daddy could be their own horse to ride. Isabel and Will had so much fun. I couldn't stop laughing. I'm not sure Josh enjoyed it as much as the rest of us.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

they love each other...really!

Isabel started back to school this week after a long break. I think she misses Will while she is gone and I know he misses her. Yesterday Isabel was watching a show on the computer (thank you netflix) when William woke up from his nap. Of course he immediately wanted to join her. I thought it would last about 5 seconds but they actually layed there together for a while. So cute!

I'm so in love with these two unfortunately the sweet hugs often turn into choking hugsWilliam soon gave up and decided to read his book instead (please notice the drool...2 more molars almost in!)

a whole new world

A few days ago Josh turned Will's car seat around so that he is now facing forward. It is crazy how much he loves it. We were getting to the point where Will was throwing a tantrum as I tried to get him in the car. This was not fun so we decided to try moving his seat. Now when he sees his car seat, he laughs. Seriously. Every time!
I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes the first time I looked in my rear view mirror and saw my baby boy facing me. It just makes him seem so big. One more thing to remind me that he is not a "baby" anymore.

Monday, January 11, 2010

my kids make me laugh

Once again I have to share some of the recent things that my kids have done or said that have made me laugh. Maybe you will laugh too......... **One night I was explaining to Isabel that she needed to wear her warm, fuzzy, footed pajamas instead of the thin ones she wanted to wear Me: Isabel, you need your warm pajamas tonight. It is so cold outside. It is snowing! Isabel: ............but mommy, it isn't snowing my room **Isabel has become obsessed recently with "toe boogers" (aka the fuzz that gets stuck between your toes). She has refused to go to sleep with socks on for months now but now each night she has a ritual of taking off her socks before bed and then tells me that we can't read her book until she checks for toe boogers. The other night we heard her fussing a few minutes after she went to bed. When I went to check on her she told me that she was worried b/c she had on footed pjs and couldn't check to see if she had toe boogers. I assured her that she didn't and that she needed to go to sleep. **We have obviously talked a lot about football for the past few months. When you say Roll Tide, Will immediately holds up his arms for touchdown. Such a smart boy! The other day Isabel told me that she was going to be a cheerleader for the Alabama Titans when she "gets growned" **Josh has also taught the kids some football moves (I think he was getting worried about how much Will likes to play with Isabel's purses and shoes! ha ha). They now line up in front of him in "football position" (bending over with one hand on the ground). When Josh says "HIKE" they run at him. It is hilarious. Sometimes Will just comes over to you and kind of leans on you and says "tack" (tackle) over and over. **Isabel is all about trying to teach Will certain words or skills and then quizzes him on it later. The other day she was asking where his eye, nose, mouth, etc was. He was doing well until she said, "now William, where is your eye brow?" Poor Will. The expectations are just a little high.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

let it snow..let it snow...let it snow

We had our first snow of 2010. Although we have had snow/flurries pretty constantly for the past 3 days, it was definitely NOT the 3 inches of fluffy snow the weatherman promised. Why do I always believe them? Regardless of the amount, Isabel was really excited about it. She has seen snow before was not really old enough to understand it, enjoy it or even want to go out in it. This year she was (kind of)...
Daddy handed her a snow ball as he left for work and she thought it was so great

Isabel kept asking to go play so eventually I gave in. I spent at least 10 min searching for coats, hats, gloves, etc and then trying to get everything on them. Will got these precious monkey gloves for Christmas. He loves putting them on.....and then flapping his hands really quickly so they fly off. Eventually I gave up and ended up just pulling his jacket down over his hands. He also won't keep a hat on either but after about 30 seconds outside he started shaking. I ran and got another coat with a hood and he actually left it on. It was cold!

Isabel was so excited about wearing her coat, hats and gloves (yes, she is wearing Red and pink..there was an important game that night and she had to wear her crimson!) making footprints...who needs a snowman when you can march around the driveway making foot prints in half an inch of snow? Isabel holding the tiny little snowballs she made after about 5 minutes they were done and we went inside to watch the snow through the windows. Will found Isabel's gloves and really wanted to wear them. It was hilarious because he could not get them off as easily as his even though he tried hard! It is hard to pick things up with purple gloves on!