Sunday, December 27, 2009

...Santa Claus comes tonight

Christmas was so much fun this year. Isabel really understood more aspects of Christmas this year and was so excited. She loved everything.......Christmas lights, blow up Santas, snowmen and nativity scenes in yards, Christmas presents, music, and even Santa. She also understood that it was baby Jesus' birthday but that is as far as her understanding of the real meaning of Christmas goes for now. We'll keep working on that. Will enjoyed Christmas this year much more than last year too. He did A LOT more than just sleep this year. I was worried that with the sickness in our house, Christmas would be a little rough this year but it wasn't. Although Will didn't feel 100% he still enjoyed the day with the rest of us. It was such a wonderful time to celebrate the gift of Jesus with our family around us!
our silly little reindeer

On Christmas Eve, we went to a great service at our church. Isabel was so good. She sat in either her Grams' or Nana's lap and just watched and listened. She loved the bells and the candles. I will say that explaining communion to a 2.5 year old is very interesting! :) Will sat quietly for the first 15 minutes (until the graham crackers were gone) and then spent some time running around away from the service. Definitely a little different from a year ago when he slept quietly in his car seat.

Later that night Isabel picked out cookies for Santa. Christmas morning the kids were so excited to see what Santa brought them.... "mommy, I can fix something if you need me to. I have tools now. I'm bob the builder"

Will wasn't sure exactly what was going on but he had fun playing with the new toys

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