Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Will

I can't believe my baby boy is already 1! When I found out I was having a boy this time, I remember not knowing exactly what to think. I was so used to having a little girl that I didn't know what to expect with a boy. I had many friends with boys tell me how special it is to have a baby boy and they were so right! I can't imagine life without this precious baby boy. This has been a crazy year that has gone so fast but I have loved watching Will grow and learn. He is such a happy baby and even though he is constantly on the move, he still stops to snuggle every once in a while!
November 20, 2008
November 20, 2009
I feel, once again, that Will has learned and changed so much this month. He is walking faster than ever and has mastered standing up on his own. I love watching him squat to pick up something from the floor. He is saying more and more words although most are still only the first syllable. You really need to know what he is holding or reaching for to know the difference between book, ball, or bath. The biggest change is how much he understands now. He can actually follow simple directions (if he wants to). We are working on learning the concept of "no" but right now it means "I better hurry and (eat this, crawl over that, open that cabinet, etc) b/c mom is about to come stop me." He is a happy and healthy little boy that loves to move and be around people (as long as mommy or daddy is right there with him). We love our baby boy so much!
We have had a fun day celebrating Will by playing, napping, eating and playing on the playground. The celebration will continue tonight when all the grandparents arrive.
What happens when your daddy finds Halloween costumes 90% off at Walmart?
You become............spider Will!!


Natalie and Steven Seahorn said...

He is so cute! It is hard to believe he is already one! Happy Birthday Will!

haley said...

doesn't time fly with the second? crazy fast! i love that the eyes on his spidey suit are too big :)