Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do you need a laugh?

Recent Isabel funnies: Isabel has learned about the pause button recently and now loves to pause her music or a movie she is watching on the computer. Last night I was reading her a story and she wanted to get a drink of water. She looked at me and said, "please pause the book, mommy" Isabel and Josh were watching football last weekend. After an exciting play where the quarterback was sacked, both Josh and Izzy cheered. Then they showed the replay and Isabel got really excited and said, "Oh my goodness. They did it AGAIN!!" A few weeks ago we were all 4 in the car. Josh and I were trying to have a conversation which is pretty much impossible with our two "talkers" in the back seat. All of the sudden Isabel interrupts to say, "my legs are scratchy. I haven't taken my shower yet today."

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