Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Will's dedication

Last Sunday we finally had Will's dedication at church. I am so thankful that God has blessed us with two precious children. I think it is good to be reminded that they are His children and He loves them more than I can even imagine. I'm thankful that our church can join us in praying for them as they grow up. I pray William (and his big sister) will come to know Jesus at an early age and will live his life for Him.

our family

so thankful Grams and Nana could be there with us Isabel and Will love to run around the church after the service. I was trying so hard to get a good picture of them but neither would be still long enough.
my sweet boy
"The Lord has done great things for us; of which we are glad." Psalm 126:3

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Will's birthday party

Today we had a little birthday party for Will. I think he really liked it. What is better than balloons, toys, getting sugar for the first time, and tons of attention? Get ready for a lot of pictures. Even though I took a ton (who says the 2nd child doesn't have as many pictures as the 1st?) I don't think I have one picture of Will looking at the camera smiling. He doesn't stop moving long enough! Oh well!! Will loved the balloons even though he called them balls most of the dayIzzy and her Grams still trying to get a good family least everyone is looking this time! Nana and Papa get to see how hard these pictures are! Will got this new basket ball toy that he really likes. Well, he really likes the basket balls. He tries to put them in the basket but isn't willing to let go of his favorite thing to play with. I guess he is not a basketball star quite yet
CUPCAKE time!! According to Isabel, cupcakes are the best reason to have a birthday! "hmmmm...maybe I'll just stick my finger in the icing for a little taste"
"tastes good!"
"So much faster if I just stick the whole thing in my mouth at once"
Isabel was so excited about her cupcake (she has told us all week that she will be having 5)
she ate hers a little different from her brother

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Will

I can't believe my baby boy is already 1! When I found out I was having a boy this time, I remember not knowing exactly what to think. I was so used to having a little girl that I didn't know what to expect with a boy. I had many friends with boys tell me how special it is to have a baby boy and they were so right! I can't imagine life without this precious baby boy. This has been a crazy year that has gone so fast but I have loved watching Will grow and learn. He is such a happy baby and even though he is constantly on the move, he still stops to snuggle every once in a while!
November 20, 2008
November 20, 2009
I feel, once again, that Will has learned and changed so much this month. He is walking faster than ever and has mastered standing up on his own. I love watching him squat to pick up something from the floor. He is saying more and more words although most are still only the first syllable. You really need to know what he is holding or reaching for to know the difference between book, ball, or bath. The biggest change is how much he understands now. He can actually follow simple directions (if he wants to). We are working on learning the concept of "no" but right now it means "I better hurry and (eat this, crawl over that, open that cabinet, etc) b/c mom is about to come stop me." He is a happy and healthy little boy that loves to move and be around people (as long as mommy or daddy is right there with him). We love our baby boy so much!
We have had a fun day celebrating Will by playing, napping, eating and playing on the playground. The celebration will continue tonight when all the grandparents arrive.
What happens when your daddy finds Halloween costumes 90% off at Walmart?
You become............spider Will!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


You have no idea how happy this makes me! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do you need a laugh?

Recent Isabel funnies: Isabel has learned about the pause button recently and now loves to pause her music or a movie she is watching on the computer. Last night I was reading her a story and she wanted to get a drink of water. She looked at me and said, "please pause the book, mommy" Isabel and Josh were watching football last weekend. After an exciting play where the quarterback was sacked, both Josh and Izzy cheered. Then they showed the replay and Isabel got really excited and said, "Oh my goodness. They did it AGAIN!!" A few weeks ago we were all 4 in the car. Josh and I were trying to have a conversation which is pretty much impossible with our two "talkers" in the back seat. All of the sudden Isabel interrupts to say, "my legs are scratchy. I haven't taken my shower yet today."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

a day at the park

The weather was amazing yesterday so we decided to go to the park for a while. We ate a picnic lunch and then played for a while. We had so much fun! Plus the kids were exhausted when we got home and took a great afternoon nap! ha ha!!

In case you missed it, there was a big game yesterday and Isabel and I were dressed to cheer on our team. Roll Tide!

Will is very serious when he swings. I think he likes it but is still trying to figure it out.
Ugh....eating leaves. I don't think Isabel ever put a leaf, a rock, or a piece of grass in her mouth. Will thinks it is awesome. When I tried to stop him, he just started shoveling it all in his mouth faster.

Books are fun!

William has finally gotten to the point where he loves books. Honestly, I was wondering if my active boy would ever think it was fun to sit and read a book. I will admit that his favorite part is grabbing a book (ok, pretty much all of the books) off the bookshelf and bringing it to me but he does like the actual reading part too. He doesn't even try to eat first anyway!
Everyone loves Pat the Bunny!!

even reading books upside down is fun

This is what I see about a million times a day. He gets a book, and then walks to me saying "boo boo boo" over and over (why does he hate ending sounds?). The best part is that he then climbs in my lap and giggles when I start reading it. I LOVE it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween this year. Isabel was old enough to understand more about Halloween and old enough to be really excited about her costume and candy. I was happy not to be 9 months pregnant this year as we went trick-or-treating. Will got to celebrate his first Halloween and we had a lot of fun laughing at our little monkey. We went trick-or-treating with some friends and then came home to examine the loot!
Family Halloween picture

I love my monkey and my fairy Just pretend that Will is smiling (and wearing his monkey hat)

Prettiest butterfly fairy ever!
Will was not a big fan of the monkey hat. In his defense, it was a little small
Izzy thought it was awesome though
We were so glad Nana got to go trick-or-treating with us
He's wearing the hat!!
Will got to ride in the wagon with his friend, the precious little bumble bee
Poor Addison, Will really wanted that paci
me and my monkey Who is excited about candy??