Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Willliam is 11 months

I have no idea how it has been 11 months....almost a year since Will was born. We love our little guy so much an cannot even imagine life without him. Although I'm sad that my baby will be 1 soon, I absolutely love this age. He is learning something new every day, gets so excited by little things and keeps us laughing....and exhausted as we chase him around. I took Will to the doctor about a week ago and he was a little over 20lbs. After being our chunky little baby, his weight gained had slowed for a while (maybe because he never stops moving?) so I was glad that we have hit the 20 lb mark. Will is now walking everywhere. We have moved from the "I can take some steps" stage to the "I only want to walk" stage. The only time he crawls is to get to something that he can pull up on so he can walk again. It still surprises me to see my little baby turn the corner and walk into the room I'm in.
Look at those teeth!! He still has 8 but I think more may be on their way. He is chewing on his fingers constantly and the drool is starting to pick up a little again. Here we go!
Will has been very vocal this month. I remember worrying that he would never talk because Isabel would never stop talking long enough to give him the chance. It turns out that I had no need to worry. I was right in that Isabel wouldn't stop talking but Will has no trouble babbling constantly at the same time. While it is mainly babble at this point, there are a few real words mixed in. He says ball (or baaaaaa), more (or mu mu mu mu), and I think he is now actually saying da da and ma ma sometimes when he is talking about Josh or me. He is also starting to repeat what we say sometimes which is always fun.
Will favorite things include balls, walking around the house carrying anything he can find, and playing with Isabel. He thinks it is hilarious if anyone lays down in the floor. He will immediately stop what he is doing and come lay down with you or on you laughing the whole time. He is a precious little boy and we are having so much fun with him! I can't believe I only have one more month until he turns one!!!

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msgaymon said...

He is already 11 months!!! I can't believe it. William is such a cutie!