Sunday, October 25, 2009

pumpkin picking

This weekend we finally went to get a pumpkin. Isabel has been talking about it for days and has been so excited. Unfortunately we waited for the coldest day of the week. It really was only in the 50s but it was windy and Isabel declared it really really cold. Therefore she wanted her jacket zipped and her hood on at all times. She has on a cute pumpkin shirt but no one gets to see it.
Look closely at Will's face in the next two pictures. This is the face he was making almost the entire time we were there. We told him we were going to see Pumpkins and he could Pat them. So for the next 30 min, he said "puh puh puh puh" over and over and over. Fun huh? Who wants a smile when you can have a puh face??
Thankfully daddy is funny
This picture started out really cute until Will said "baaa" (ball) and threw his pumpkin
we tried a couple of times to get a good family shot.....we'll keep trying
We were glad Grams could go with us. It takes 3 people: one for each kid and one to hold the pumpkins!
walking on the straw was a little hard but that didn't stop Will
"I want that one!"
Actually this was the one she wanted. Apparently red, bumpy pumpkins are the best if you are 2! :)

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Matt and Alice said...

Great pictures! We have yet to get the "perfect" family is very elusive with kids this age!