Sunday, October 25, 2009

new floors

We have been talking about getting new floors for months now and finally did it. I don't have any "before" pictures but imagine terrible, cheap, stained carpet in the den that gave Will carpet burn just crawling on it. Then imagine black and white vinyl tile in the kitchen that was scratched and put down so badly that you could not move your chairs back and forth. Can you see why we have wanted new floors for so long? Anyway, it took us forever to pick out the type of laminate but we are really happy with the end result.
Now I want to paint the kitchen and get new curtains!
We were told that laminate is really hard to scratch and we are praying that is true. Will is already doing his best to prove them wrong by banging every toy he has on the floor and tonight we will have about 15 teenagers over. Who knows what they will do! :)

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Natalie and Steven Seahorn said...

I love the new floors! I SO want new floors in my kitchen and living room now but I think it will have to wait after getting the new kitchen countertops! Of course, once you renovate one part of the house, it is really hard to make yourself stop!