Friday, October 16, 2009

Isabel's "paycation"

This trip was Isabel's first vacation where she actually understood what was going on. We tried to explain the concept of a vacation but I'm not sure we were successful. She did talk constantly about her "paycation" though. On the way there, she told us she wanted to bring her doll in with her on her paycation. Whatever she wanted to call it, I think she had a lot of fun. She was really good too, especially since Will shared his cold with her by the 3rd day. I think this trip made me realize that she really is growing up too. She is such a big girl and I'm so proud of her.
I was worried about Isabel sleeping on the guest bed so we ended up putting her on the sleeper sofa and surrounding her with pillows. I think she really liked her cozy little bed! :)

Isabel became even more of a daddy's girl this trip. I think her favorite part of the week was simply the fact that Josh didn't have to go to work. She started ending each sentence with "my daddy." (I see a yellow fish, my daddy)

More funny Isabel comments from the week:

*We were walking around an outlet mall and a pigeon landed near the stroller. Isabel is scared of birds so this was quite traumatic. After she calmed down we started walking again and we say another little girl in a stroller. Usually Isabel loves to talk or wave to other kids. However this time she refused to say anything. She told us, "that bird scared me and messed up my words!"

*One night we ate at Red Lobster and she watched the lobsters in the tank at the front. Later Josh said something about how he was going to eat a lobster. Izzy gave him funny look and said, "Lobsters aren't food, my daddy. You are funny!"

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