Sunday, October 25, 2009


After we got our pumpkins (and took a nap) it was time to turn them into jack-o-lanterns! I bought this little set to decorate the pumpkins that didn't involve actually cutting but Josh felt that was unacceptable. Good thing we had two pumpkins!

Izzy wasn't so sure about this process. She couldn't figure out what Josh was doing or why.

She did like the pumpkin's hat though picking out what eyes, ears and mouth to use was fun that we actually made our pumpkin into a cat and a dog. One face for each side! :)
Will really enjoyed sitting in the driveway and throwing the pieces everywhere
Isabel wanted to help decide what shape to make the eyes. Why have an easy triangle when circles are so much more fun??

pumpkin picking

This weekend we finally went to get a pumpkin. Isabel has been talking about it for days and has been so excited. Unfortunately we waited for the coldest day of the week. It really was only in the 50s but it was windy and Isabel declared it really really cold. Therefore she wanted her jacket zipped and her hood on at all times. She has on a cute pumpkin shirt but no one gets to see it.
Look closely at Will's face in the next two pictures. This is the face he was making almost the entire time we were there. We told him we were going to see Pumpkins and he could Pat them. So for the next 30 min, he said "puh puh puh puh" over and over and over. Fun huh? Who wants a smile when you can have a puh face??
Thankfully daddy is funny
This picture started out really cute until Will said "baaa" (ball) and threw his pumpkin
we tried a couple of times to get a good family shot.....we'll keep trying
We were glad Grams could go with us. It takes 3 people: one for each kid and one to hold the pumpkins!
walking on the straw was a little hard but that didn't stop Will
"I want that one!"
Actually this was the one she wanted. Apparently red, bumpy pumpkins are the best if you are 2! :)

new floors

We have been talking about getting new floors for months now and finally did it. I don't have any "before" pictures but imagine terrible, cheap, stained carpet in the den that gave Will carpet burn just crawling on it. Then imagine black and white vinyl tile in the kitchen that was scratched and put down so badly that you could not move your chairs back and forth. Can you see why we have wanted new floors for so long? Anyway, it took us forever to pick out the type of laminate but we are really happy with the end result.
Now I want to paint the kitchen and get new curtains!
We were told that laminate is really hard to scratch and we are praying that is true. Will is already doing his best to prove them wrong by banging every toy he has on the floor and tonight we will have about 15 teenagers over. Who knows what they will do! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Willliam is 11 months

I have no idea how it has been 11 months....almost a year since Will was born. We love our little guy so much an cannot even imagine life without him. Although I'm sad that my baby will be 1 soon, I absolutely love this age. He is learning something new every day, gets so excited by little things and keeps us laughing....and exhausted as we chase him around. I took Will to the doctor about a week ago and he was a little over 20lbs. After being our chunky little baby, his weight gained had slowed for a while (maybe because he never stops moving?) so I was glad that we have hit the 20 lb mark. Will is now walking everywhere. We have moved from the "I can take some steps" stage to the "I only want to walk" stage. The only time he crawls is to get to something that he can pull up on so he can walk again. It still surprises me to see my little baby turn the corner and walk into the room I'm in.
Look at those teeth!! He still has 8 but I think more may be on their way. He is chewing on his fingers constantly and the drool is starting to pick up a little again. Here we go!
Will has been very vocal this month. I remember worrying that he would never talk because Isabel would never stop talking long enough to give him the chance. It turns out that I had no need to worry. I was right in that Isabel wouldn't stop talking but Will has no trouble babbling constantly at the same time. While it is mainly babble at this point, there are a few real words mixed in. He says ball (or baaaaaa), more (or mu mu mu mu), and I think he is now actually saying da da and ma ma sometimes when he is talking about Josh or me. He is also starting to repeat what we say sometimes which is always fun.
Will favorite things include balls, walking around the house carrying anything he can find, and playing with Isabel. He thinks it is hilarious if anyone lays down in the floor. He will immediately stop what he is doing and come lay down with you or on you laughing the whole time. He is a precious little boy and we are having so much fun with him! I can't believe I only have one more month until he turns one!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg

Last week we took our first official vacation of a family of four. It was also the first time we tried going somewhere without any grandparents. We went to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. I was a little nervous but we had a great time despite sickness and rain!! Prepare for tons of pictures:
They were really good in the car. Isabel can make Will so happy if he gets fussy.
Isabel was really excited about all the candy stores in Gatlinburg. Nothing makes her happier than a sucker!
Will had fun just hanging out in the stroller watching everything around him (we were so thankful for our double stroller this week!)
on the balcony
The aquarium was so much fun!!
the tunnel of fish was our favorite. Isabel kept pointing out the sharks and "guitar fish" (aka sawfish)
brother and sister LOVE!
Daddy makes us laugh!

Isabel's "paycation"

This trip was Isabel's first vacation where she actually understood what was going on. We tried to explain the concept of a vacation but I'm not sure we were successful. She did talk constantly about her "paycation" though. On the way there, she told us she wanted to bring her doll in with her on her paycation. Whatever she wanted to call it, I think she had a lot of fun. She was really good too, especially since Will shared his cold with her by the 3rd day. I think this trip made me realize that she really is growing up too. She is such a big girl and I'm so proud of her.
I was worried about Isabel sleeping on the guest bed so we ended up putting her on the sleeper sofa and surrounding her with pillows. I think she really liked her cozy little bed! :)

Isabel became even more of a daddy's girl this trip. I think her favorite part of the week was simply the fact that Josh didn't have to go to work. She started ending each sentence with "my daddy." (I see a yellow fish, my daddy)

More funny Isabel comments from the week:

*We were walking around an outlet mall and a pigeon landed near the stroller. Isabel is scared of birds so this was quite traumatic. After she calmed down we started walking again and we say another little girl in a stroller. Usually Isabel loves to talk or wave to other kids. However this time she refused to say anything. She told us, "that bird scared me and messed up my words!"

*One night we ate at Red Lobster and she watched the lobsters in the tank at the front. Later Josh said something about how he was going to eat a lobster. Izzy gave him funny look and said, "Lobsters aren't food, my daddy. You are funny!"

Will's first vacation

Will was such a little trooper on our vacation. I was so proud of him. The day before we left he was running a fever so we made a quick trip to the doctor. The doctor said he had a bad cold/sinus infection. Poor little guy! I worried that he wouldn't feel well and would be fussy on our trip. I was so wrong. You wouldn't even know he was sick except for the fever, coughing and runny nose. He was so happy and easy going. Plus he was incredibly flexible. He slept all night in a pack-n-play in a random room. Plus very rarely did he get to take both naps in his bed. He would just sleep in his stroller or car seat and woke up happy even if he had only slept for 15 minutes. I love my baby boy (don't tell me he will be 1 in a month. He is still my BABY boy!)
sitting in his new big boy car seat
Will's favorite toy in Gatlinburg! Amazingly enough, he didn't try to eat it. That sound was way too annoying...I mean exciting to make. I'm not sure if you can tell but in this picture Will is asleep while eating a mum mum. We were on our way home and I was trying to keep him awake so he would take his nap in his bed. I tried to give him a snack to keep him awake. It didn't really work. He ate it with his eyes closed!
"baaaaaa" (ball)
Will is obsessed with balls. He loves to throw them!
Will's first bath without his seat. This terrified me. He is not a calm child in the bathtub! He enjoyed it though.