Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Silly Mommy"

Yesterday I was leaving the gas station with both kids in the car. I needed to take a left out of the gas station but I went out the wrong exit and had to take a right first and then turn around to go left. Isabel, who never misses anything: Mommy, this is not the way to go to our house Me: I know. I went out the wrong way and now I have to turn around. Isabel: Silly mommy! I'm going to tell my daddy about this when I see him. Since Isabel's mother's day out is at our church, Josh always takes her. On the way in this morning she says: Silly mommy! She forgot to tell me to go potty before I left for school. Now I have to go here. Can you take me daddy?

Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Months

Our baby boy is 10 months! He is growing up so fast!! This past month has been a really fun one with Will. I love all of the new "tricks" he is learning and seeing his little personality emerge more and more. Like his sister, he makes us laugh all the time. He is always on the go but still cuddles too which I love! I'm not sure that I can say he is talking but he says a lot of things that sound like the correct word (like ball, more, bye bye, etc). He is waving, clapping, shaking his head no and imitating a lot of other things we do. The big news this month is that Will is walking!!! Well, I'm not sure if you can officially say walking but he is taking lots of steps and learning how to stop instead of just falling into something. He has no fear and will just let go of whatever he is holding on to and start walking. He first started doing this a little over 2 weeks ago and would just take a step or 2 before falling. Now he can pretty much walk across the room if he wants to (and there is nothing in his way). We are so proud of our little man!!
He can also crawl on all 4s now (after doing the army crawl for months) but can go faster on his belly so that is his preferred method of moving at the moment.
getting to taste his first Popsicle
one of my favorite things that William does is when he lays his head down on you (usually your shoulder) to give "love" and usually says "aawwwwww" as he does it
mommy and daddy celebrated Will's 10 month birthday by letting him play with his grandmas all day while we went to the Titans game. They didn't win but Josh and I enjoyed spending the day together and Will did great without us! I was so proud of him. We still have issues with separation anxiety but maybe it is getting better!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


We have talked a lot about cheerleaders recently. Friday night we took the kids to their first high school football game. They both did really well (until it started raining anyway). Isabel had a lot of fun cheering (even if it was actually the other team that made the touchdown) but the best was watching the cheerleaders. Any time they stopped at all she would look at me and say, "I want them to dance, mommy!" She loved their "shakers" too. Then last night we were getting ready for the Titans game today and Papa found some shakers. Isabel was beyond excited and proceeded to do cheers for us for the next 30 min!
"Go Titans!!!"
adding a little kick to this cheer
Will wasn't so sure about the shakers


Will has learned about phones recently and he loves them. As soon as he sees one, he puts it up to his ear. If I am talking on the phone, he will put his hand up by his ear and tilt his head a little like he is talking. It is so cute. The best, however, is when I put the phone up to his ear and a real person talks to him. His little face just lights up and he gets so excited. I love it!

Talking is fun but chewing on things is still the best

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

baby's carseat

After a trip to Walmart with her daddy and Nana, Isabel came home with a new car seat/carrier for her babies. She loves it!
"Are you ok?"
proud little mommy
Ok, maybe not the safest way to hold the baby but I'm sure she is having fun
**By the way, this is baby Avery in the pictures. Isabel has had this baby the longest and has recently started playing with her again. I'm sure you can guess who she is named after.

old toys are the best

Last week I decided that it was time to get rid of a few of the bigger baby items that we don't use anymore so I put our exersaucer and swing on craigslist. As soon as we heard back from someone wanting the exersaucer, both Josh and I got buyer's remorse. It was so sad to sell baby items and realize our babies are growing up. I got out the exersaucer just one more time and guess what...both kids loved it! Will used to cry any time we tried to put him in it but now he thinks it is awesome again. Good thing that guy never emailed me back! :)
yep, still fun to chew on
so sweet
Isabel decided that she just had to get in and play too
(I promise I didn't tell them to hug each other either time! They really do like each other...most of the time anyway)

Monday, September 7, 2009

she says the funniest things

I never remember to write down the funny things Isabel says so this is all I can remember right now.
COFFEE: Isabel is obsessed with chocolate milk. However, she calls it coffee and will quickly correct you if you call it chocolate milk. The best is when we are at a restaurant and Isabel orders coffee for herself. You should see the looks we get from waiters and waitresses before I quickly explain.
Isabel has finally been taking naps at school. We are so excited. If she takes one, she gets a treat with her daddy. A while ago they stopped and got ice cream on the way home. As she was running in the door she told me, "we did not get you any ice cream. We are sorry. You'll be ok!"
Last night we went to Barnes and Noble. Isabel loves to play at the train table so she and my mom headed that way and Isabel gave her directions. "Grams, just go to the bathrooms and take a left."
While at Barnes and Noble:
Grams: look there is a book about spot the dog. Oh wait, it is in Spanish"
Isabel: Hola!
Here is the crazy girl in her PJs, my shoes and the wings from her Halloween costume. Obviously together that makes the perfect outfit.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Isabel's hair cut

I took Isabel to get her hair cut today. I consider this her first "real" hair cut. About a year ago Isabel went with me when I was getting my hair cut and had the crazy rat tail cut off the back of her hair. Remember? Anyway, now her hair is much longer and needed to have a real cut. I wasn't sure if she would like it or be scared but she did great! I was so proud of her. We talked a lot about it all week so she was prepared and knew that there was a sucker in her future if she was good! :) She sat so still and just watched what was going on. I would have loved to know what was going on in that cute little head of hers.
The Before pictures:

see, very stringy

Hair cuts are fun! She was really excited about the "dress" she got to wear. By the way, did you notice that we are holding hands? She wasn't sure about the bench they put in the seat to make her sit higher up.
There is not a huge difference but I think it looks great
look at those curls!

It was funny to sit with Isabel inside the salon while we waited. Everytime someone came in she wanted to know their name and if they were getting their hair cut too. At one point the mailman came in, dropped off the mail and left. Isabel gave me this crazy look and said, "He forgot to get his hair cut first!"

looking outside

William has figured out that he can pull up on the door and look outside. Apparently this is a lot of fun.