Monday, August 31, 2009


Isabel has an incredible imagination. This active imagination has entertained us for a while now. As I have mentioned before, she has 4 baby dolls that do and say all types of funny things. You can give her any random object and just wait to see what it will become. The other day I got a birthday gift in the mail (thank you Sara). Isabel immediately wanted the ribbon. She played with it for the next 30 minutes. First she held one end of the ribbon and walked her "dog" around the driveway. His name is sniffy in case you are wondering. When I tried to get a picture of her and the dog, she first squatted to tell the dog to smile and then looked up at me and smiled too.
Soon the ribbon became a necklace that we all had the opportunity to wear. Are you jealous?
Finally, it was her horse. She had so much fun riding her horse around the driveway.
Gotta love those crazy kids! **As I am writing this Isabel is holding two crayons and using them as a shaker and a microphone as she dances around our den.

walking lion

Everyone said having a boy would be different....they were right! So far Will has no fear about climbing, cruising and even trying to walk. Josh stood him behind this lion the other day just to see what he would do. We were all surprised when he just started walking behind it like he had been walking for months. Oh my goodness! "watch this! I can walk only using one hand!" Isabel wanted to show us that she could do it too! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Will's 9 month pictures

We took Will to have his 9 month pictures yesterday. Wow! It was a little different than when we took him a few months ago. He is never still so getting a good picture is a lot harder. We would put him in a position and before the lady could get the camera ready he was crawling away, climbing out of the chair, letting go and trying to walk away from whatever we stood him next to! It was exhausting. Plus he is way more curious now so instead of mostly smiles, there were a lot of "what is going on here" looks. Fortunately we did get some good ones.
Look at all the teeth.....all 8 of them!
I love this little boy!!
This is what most "sitting" shots ended up looking like
He thought standing in this chair was so much fun
my sweet boy!
I think these shells were supposed to be decorations but Will thought it would be better if he hit them together
little brother we tried to get some good pictures of Isabel and Will together.....we weren't successful (sorry it is sideways. I can't make it turn. Don't hurt your neck looking at it)

Friday, August 28, 2009

like brother, like sister

As William gets older, I am finding it harder not to compare him with what Isabel was like at the same age. I don't want to be that mom but when he does certain things or learns a new skill it is impossible for me not to think about when Isabel did the same thing. In some ways Isabel and Will are completely different but there are a lot of things that he does that reminds me of her. For example:
Isabel carried around these golf balls for months. They were her favorite toys. Recently, Will has decided that they are a lot of fun too!

(Isabel at 9 months)

We have to teach our kids early about football! They obviously love it as much as their parents (Isabel at 18 months) Apparently laundry is really fun for both Isabel and Will. I'm wondering at what age it stopped being fun and became a chore.....a never ending chore? (Isabel at 11 months)

Friday, August 21, 2009

9 months

Somehow another month has passed and my baby boy is growing up. He is 9 months old. Do you realize how close to 1 that is?? We went to the doctor yesterday and he is doing great. He is 18 pounds 5 oz and 27.5 inches long. I feel like this has been a big month for Will. He has learned so much. He is now pulling up and even cruising on the furniture. Sometimes he forgets that he can't walk yet and just lets go and tries anyway. Maybe he won't wait to walk until 15 months like his sister. He is waving bye bye, clapping his hands and even dances when he hears music. He still babbles constantly, saying mama and dada but not to us yet. Will is also giving the open mouth slobbery kisses much fun! He has learned to feed himself puffs and cheerios this month and the addiction is already severe! :) The funny thing is that Isabel's obsession with puffs is returning now that Will eats them. Will is such a happy baby and we have so much fun with him. Although he is teething constantly (he just cut his 7th tooth!!!!) he is still happy most of the time. He absolutely loves his sister so much. His little face lights up when he sees her or Josh. He loves his mama too! :) Although I'm very ready for this separation anxiety stage to end, I'm trying to remind myself that one day soon I'll be wishing there was a way to keep him close to me.
pictures were hard to get this month b/c he is always on the move and usually looks like this:
Don't tell Isabel that he plays with baby Susie when she is at school
Did I mention he can climb the stairs now?

bathtime is always a fun way to end the day.
This picture makes me laugh. Look at Isabel's face

Thursday, August 13, 2009

pulling up

Will is starting to pull up on things. He has been trying to pull up on the couch for a few days now and has only been successful once. He gets so frustrated and needs just a little bit of help. Once standing, he is so happy and proud of himself. The problem is that he sees no reason why he should hold on so he just lets go and falls down.
Tonight I found him climbing the stairs!! He has no trouble pulling up on the bottom stair and then stands up laughing. Oh my! I guess we are going to have to invest in some more gates.


In the past few months, Isabel's hair has grown so much! It makes her look so much older.
Yesterday we tried the ponytail again. She thought it was great until we got in the car and she couldn't really lay her head back in the car seat.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Josh's blog

I have to take a minute to brag on my husband. In the 11 years that I have known Josh, there have been a ton of times that I have gone to him with theological questions. He is always patient with me and I think he actually enjoys these discussions/explanations. For the past 10 months I have loved hearing him teach students, facilitate discussions on theological or moral issues, and even preach many times. I am always amazed by his knowledge of God and the Bible and the way he is able to teach complicated things by making it seem understandable and interesting. Now you can hear his teachings too. He has started a blog that he updates each day. Basically it is like a devotional blog. I have loved reading it so far and have already learned things and have been made to think through things that I haven't before. I encourage you to read it. You can get to by clicking here or by clicking on JOSH'S BLOG under the links section to the right.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

two and a half

My baby girl is now two and a half. I used to love doing the monthly posts on her so I could remember what she was like at each age and what skills she was learning. I haven't done one in a while so I decided that 2.5 needed its own post.
My first thought in describing Isabel at this age is entertaining. She is constantly singing and dancing. These songs are either songs she knows or ones she is making up as she goes along. Either way they are loud and funny! She is also always telling us stories about things that happened recently or funny things her babies have done. Basically, the child is never quiet unless around people she doesn't know very well. Although it is hard to believe sometimes, she is actually pretty shy until she gets to know someone well.
Isabel is also a smart little girl (I think anyway). She has an amazing memory which can be good or bad for mommy! :) She knows the words to tons of songs and has memorized parts of many of her books. She knows her colors and can sing her ABCs. Recently we have been working on shapes and recognizing letters and she knows most of them....when she wants to!
She is definitely two and a strong-willed little girl. I think she will always be a leader and very rarely a follower. She loves being in charge and helping other children (whether they want this help or not). Isabel is at a hard age, especially with a new baby brother. There are times when she desperately wants her independence and other times when she wants to be a baby again. A few months ago, she would have been deeply offended if I suggested she sit in the basket at Walmart or in a high chair. Now that Will does these things, she cries if she can't. Although it can be so frustrating dealing with her constantly changing mind, I try to remember that she is only 2 and I hear this kind of thing is actually pretty common. I also hear that 3 can be harder than 2 but have chosen not to believe that.
Isabel loves her baby dolls more than anything in the world. She has 4 that go with us many places and all sleep with her. They all have names and she tells us stories about each one as well as their likes and dislikes. Her babies also get in trouble for doing things and have to sit in time out. Isabel is a good little mommy and I love watching her with her babies. She can be a great big sister too and is actually quite helpful a lot of the time (unless of course Will has decided to chew on one of her toys).
Overall Isabel is a beautiful, happy, energetic, nurturing and loving little girl. She is a precious daughter, big sister, and granddaughter. We love her so much and cannot imagine life without her. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. Last week I told her that I didn't want her to grow up. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "mommy, I have to be a doctor!"


This week we found that William loves riding on the lion Isabel had when she was little. He doesn't know how to make it go but thinks it is hilarious to sit on it. It plays music when you hit its nose so he "dances" when it sings. So cute!
Of course Isabel wanted to ride too

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

fun in the pool

Is there a better way to spend a hot afternoon other than playing in the pool? Isabel and Will definitely don't think so!!
relaxing in the pool
Will decided he didn't want to sit for long. Crawling in the pool is so much more fun
Always gotta have her sunglasses
gotta chew on something even while swimming!
Isabel insisted on floating even in her baby pool