Sunday, July 26, 2009


On Isabel's first birthday she got this great rocking horse from Josh's parents. For some reason, Uncle Matt immediately named it Kenneth and it has been called that from that moment on. Isabel's riding of Kenneth has gone from slow and hesitant to crazy and wild. I'm sure she is actually too big for it at this point but there is no way I am going to tell her that. She loves the horse too much.
Now William can ride it too and he loves it just as much. Even after he is off of Kenneth, he continues to try to jump up and down like he is trying to make the horse move. So cute!
Look at my sweet girl riding Kenneth when she was only 1. How did she get so big so fast??

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

8 months

Somehow another month has passed and William is now 8 months old! Crazy isn't it? We have done a lot of teething lately. He now has 2 teeth on the bottom, one tooth on the top and now one of his top front teeth is coming through too. He is extremely fast at his army crawl and is getting into everything! His favorite things to play with/chew on are shoes, cords, and anything that Isabel doesn't want him to touch. This makes life so fun! :) He has started sleeping so much better...until another tooth starts coming through. Oh well, he'll sleep through the night consistently one day I'm sure. I'm just thankful that he now takes great naps during the day. He is still a precious happy little boy, although separation anxiety is still intense. Church nursery is definitely NOT his favorite place to be. I'm hoping we get over this stage soon. He is babbling constantly which means I hear "da da da da da da" all day long. The only time it sounds like he is saying "ma ma" is when he is fussing. Somehow this is not fair! Will loves his sister!! gotta love that drool
I told you he was getting in to everything! He figured out he could get in the exersaucer this morning. I don't think Isabel ever considered climbing under there. Is this why people keep telling me how different boys are?

just a swinging...

The weather was great yesterday so we played for a while at the playground at our church. Isabel declared the slide TOO HOT to slide on so she wanted to spend all of her time on the swings. It is still crazy to me that she has no fear when she is swinging. She constantly wants to go faster and higher. Is this the same child that was terrified of the swings for so long and still isn't the most courageous child when it comes to most things??
Will enjoyed watching her. I know he will be on the swing next to her before I know it

Friday, July 17, 2009

lunch with friends

Isabel stayed with her Nana and Papa in Alabaster for a few days this week. She had so much fun and Will enjoyed being an only child at home. It is amazing how quiet our house is without Isabel's singing and talking! It is way less exciting too! :) Yesterday I met them in Athens to get her back. While we were in Athens, we got to have lunch with my friend Kim and her precious kids. She has a 3 year old (Thomas) and her little girl (Mae) is one day older than Will. It was so fun to get to see them but the lunch was CRAZY! 4 kids 3 and under does not allow for any type of real conversation!! We tried to get some pictures but of course that was not all that successful either.

little climber

Will's new favorite activity is to crawl over things, especially my legs. It takes a while and is pretty funny to watch but he gets really excited about it. He doesn't even mind that he usually ends up smashing his face on the way down.
on his way up

stopping to say hey

back down again...this is where he forgets to use his arms and smashes his face
sometimes he likes to mix things up a little and climb this way

Monday, July 6, 2009


Isabel has been asking me to paint her fingernails and toenails for weeks so I finally bought some pink polish and painted her nails this weekend. She sat so still for me to paint them and even waited a while until they were dry. After I was done she looked at them and smiled and said, "I so fancy, mommy!" (she loves the book Fancy Nancy)
my baby girl is getting so big!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We have had a fun holiday weekend already. In Hendersonville, they have a festival at the park and fireworks on July 3rd. We met a lot of people from our church there and played and ate until time for the fireworks. Isabel got to play on the playground for hours with her friends. I'm not sure if she has ever been so dirty in her life but she had so much fun! Josh and I debated whether or not to actually stay for the fireworks since it was way after our kids' bedtime. We decided to try it. They both loved them for about 5 min. Isabel told everyone the colors of each fire work and William just stared. Then they were just kind of over it. Oh well, at least no one was scared of them.
Isabel is ready! I told you she loved her sunglasses.
Isabel and Patrick playing
Will playing in the pack n play with Riley
The boys had way too much fun on the playground
Josh, Aaron, Ben and Jeremy.....playground buddies!
Loren, Jenn, Kristin, Juliana, Jenn, and Jennifer (yes there are a lot of Jenn's and it gets confusing!)
Isabel loved the watermelon
WAY past bedtime! He did so well though.
our family is ready for the fireworks
Happy July 4th!! We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

new skills

Yesterday was a big day for William. First I gave him his first finger food....a wagon wheel. He thoroughly enjoyed it although I'm not sure how much he actually ate. It seems like I found most of it on his face, hands, legs, and high chair. I was just happy that he was entertained while we ate lunch!
Will is also starting to pull up. For the last few weeks he has been trying to pull up in our laps. If you sit in the floor, he immediately crawls over and tries to actually get in your lap. Yesterday he decided to move to the next logical thing to pull up on...water bottles. We are in trouble!!!

Mirrors are fun!

I bought a new mirror but have not hung it yet. Isabel and Will are loving it being on the floor!
Isabel loved mirrors at this age too...look here