Saturday, June 27, 2009

week in Birmingham

Last week Josh took the students to M-Fuge at Samford so I decided to take the kids and spend the week in Birmingham too. It worked out well because we even got to see Josh and the youth a few times. We had a great week playing, swimming, and of course visiting with family and friends.
Can you tell she had been playing outside??
Isabel loved the pool at Gram's house. William loved to kick in the water too!
making pictures for everyone
Isabel begged to get in Will's exersaucer thing so finally I just stuck her in it. She thought it was hilarious and actually stayed in there for 15 min!
Will "walking" with Nana
Will and his cousin, Avery. They are only 5 months and almost 9 pounds apart! :)
Isabel LOVES Avery and thought she was very big to get to hold her
Still trying to get a good picture of the 3 cousins. I have a feeling that we will keep trying this for many years!
Will loves his Papa
Nana is so funny!!
We got to get together with some of my college friends and their children! It was fun to see them all together and soon there will be more to add to this bunch!
Uncle Brad was in town so we got to play with him too!
Isabel almost never falls asleep in the car anymore but this week was just too exhausting. Unfortunately she fell asleep as we turned on our street.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! I know that Mother's Day is officially my day but I have to say that I like Father's Day too. It used to be a hard day for me but now it is a day that reminds me how lucky I am to be raising my children with such a wonderful daddy. When I married Josh 7 years ago (tomorrow) I didn't think it was possible to love him more. I was wrong. Every time I see him with Isabel or Will I think I love him a little more. Josh is a terrific daddy. He is everything a daddy should be and everything we need him to be. When I have no patience, he has plenty. When I am anxious, he is calm. When I am tired, he has energy to entertain. When I don't have the answer, he has the perfect one. I know that Josh learned so much of the qualities needed to be a good father from his dad. It has always been evident to me that my father-in-law has always put his family before himself and loves them so much. I am thankful that my kids get to grow up knowing and being loved by such a perfect papa!!
Here are some pictures of Izzy and Will and their daddy.
We love you both so much!!!
Jenn, Isabel and Will

7 months

Will is 7 months old!! I told Josh the other day that he is now closer to 1 than newborn. His response was "thank God!" I do agree that Will's age is a lot of fun now. He is constantly cooing and babbling and laughing which makes our house really loud when you add that to Isabel's constant talking and singing! Will is a happy baby who is definitely a momma's boy. We are having some separation anxiety issues when I leave him in the nursery but I'm hoping that gets better soon!! Any tips??
He has also mastered the army crawl (just like his sister did at this age) so he can get anywhere he wants which also adds a new level of fun!!
People ask all the time if he is sleeping through the night yet. Nope, he definitely is not but it isn't too bad. I know you may not believe this but I actually enjoy my time with Will in the middle of the night. He usually wakes up around 4 or 5am and I just rock and nurse him for about 10 min and then he goes right back to sleep. It is a special time that I'm trying to just enjoy. During the day there isn't a lot of time when I can just focus on Will without Isabel needing attention as well. Plus he is such an active little boy that nursing him can often feel like a wrestling match except around 4 am. I love just looking at his precious face and praying for his future. I am completely in love with this baby boy!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

feeding Will

Feeding Will can be quite a challenge. It is completely different from feeding Isabel when she was his age. Instead of begging him to eat (like I had to do with Isabel...and still do), the challenge with William is getting the food in his mouth before he tries to eat something else.
As you can see, I often fail and he ends up eating the side of his highchair

Isabel the entertainer

These still pictures will not do this justice but the video camera's battery was dead so it is all I have. The other day, Isabel grabs her microphone and starts singing in it (and shaking it at the same time) and dancing (dancing=running in circles). It was hilarious. The best part of her singing is that sometimes she actually sings real songs but a lot of the time she makes up her own. I love it! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

funny faces

If you have been around Isabel for more than 5 minutes you know that she is extremely expressive and dramatic. She is constantly making funny faces and gestures while telling a story. The other day she was sitting on the counter while she and Josh were making rice crispy treats and she started making funny faces at me. I started taking pictures:
don't you think she is ready for the next Home Alone movie?

having fun

more fun with the random garage sale toys we bought....... Apparently Josh and Isabel got bored with just putting the ABC puzzle/mat on the floor so they decided to do some building.
of course baby Mallie had to join in the fun too
Izzy yelled, "I'm a robot!"
can you tell how much fun Josh is having in the tent??

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sprinkler fun

My mom is here visiting and brought Isabel a fun sprinkler to play in. Isabel loved it! She loved sticking her hands and feet in the water and then her head too....accidentally. She had a lot of fun but still announced "I like playing in the water but I need the beach." She is definitely my daughter!!
William got to stick his feet in too
yes, she is trying to drink the water...crazy girl!
Can you tell she had fun?

Monday, June 8, 2009

garage sale treasures

Saturday morning our neighborhood had a community garage sale so we shopped at a few of them. Lots of people had kids so there was a ton of toys, books and baby clothes. We bought 2 things that we put away for Christmas but let them have 2 things now. It is amazing how $7 at a garage sale can provide hours of entertainment! :)
We initially bought this tent thinking we could stick Will in it while we were outside to keep the sun off of him. Of course, now it is set up in our den. You know how dangerous that sun can be inside the house.

Isabel calls it her jungle....I have no idea why we also bought this puzzle/mat/alphabet thing. Isabel loves to put the pieces together and rest on it and Will loves to eat it.