Wednesday, April 29, 2009

new tricks

William has some new "tricks" that he is very proud of. Now that the weather is warmer and he no longer needs to wear socks very much, Will is all about his feet. He loves to hold on to them and rock or eat them. He can even get them in his mouth while he is in the car seat which I think is pretty impressive. The only problem with this new obsession is that he even likes to play with his feet in the middle of the night. A few nights ago I heard him around 1:30am. When I looked at him, he had somehow gotten completely out of his swaddle and decided it was play time. He was just laying there holding his feet smiling at me. It would have been a lot cuter if it wasn't 1:30am.
He can also sit up by himself........for about 30 seconds. Usually after 30 seconds he sees his feet and decides he wants to eat them. Obviously this causes him some problems and he falls. I know this doesn't actually count as sitting but it is a start. I can't believe he is getting so big. He will be 6 months in only a few more weeks!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Thursday and Friday we took a quick trip to Birmingham to meet Isabel and Will's new cousin, Avery Noelle Knierim. Josh's brother and his wife (Aunt La La) had their first baby Tuesday April 21, 2009. She is precious and so tiny at only 5 lbs 10oz. Mom, dad and baby are all doing well and we are glad we got to see them. I think it will be so fun that Izzy and Will have a cousin to grow up with. Avery and Will are only 5 months apart and will even be in the same grade when they are older.

Isabel was very excited about meeting baby Avery. She had been telling everyone for days that she had a "new William" so I quickly had to explain that she was talking about a cousin!! We tried to get a good picture of all three of them together...we'll keep trying

Will was excited to meet Avery too. He looked HUGE next to her! It is hard to believe how big they get in only a few months.
They may be fathers but they are still crazy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Will is 5 months

This past month has flown by. It is hard to believe that William is already 5 months old. He is such a happy baby and we are loving watching his little personality emerge. He absolutely loves watching Isabel. She gets him to laugh way more than Josh or I can. Will has learned to roll from his back to his tummy so he does this constantly. Diaper changes are a little more challenging than they used to be! Although he still isn't sleeping through the night, day time sleep is MUCH better. He takes 4 naps a day in his bed (well usually at least one is in his car seat). Most naps are still only about 45 min with one longer nap when Isabel is sleeping too. We love our little boy so much and can't believe he is growing up so fast!
Can you see the drool? He doesn't have any teeth yet but he is constantly drooling. I don't think Isabel ever drooled this much. It is so gross!
he loves to stick out his tongue and make crazy sounds

Thursday, April 16, 2009

new toy

Will now loves to play in his exersaucer/supersaucer (or whatever they are called). He can grab a lot of the toys and of course tries to get them all in his mouth. He has also learned to turn himself in it and looks so proud of himself when he does.
I'm not sure if you can tell in his picture but he has also learned how to stick out his tongue and he is quite proud of this new trick.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter pictures

Getting pictures of everyone in their Easter outfits is NOT an easy task. We did our best though.
Yes, Isabel has on tennis shoes with her Easter dress. As we were getting ready for church that morning I put on her new sandals. She was ok with them until she fell on her face. She decided that she would not wear her sandals and only wanted tights with tennis shoes. It just wasn't worth a fight so that is what she wore. I feel like Jesus doesn't really mind.


We had a very fun Easter this year. Isabel definitely understood a lot more about what was going on. It is hard to explain the true meaning of Easter to a 2 year old. We basically just told her that Easter is about how much Jesus loves us. I can't explain death to her quite yet!!
Isabel wasn't sure about the Easter Bunny. We passed him at the mall and she wanted NOTHING to do with him. Although she wanted some Easter treats from him, she informed me that she "not want him come to her house." So her Easter basket was just an Easter basket filled with toys this year. We also let her have it on Saturday to continue the tradition of making Easter Sunday only about Jesus and not the Easter bunny.
Izzy got some pretend make-up and she loves it! Even William got his toe nails painted!!

Grams got some eye shadow

William got more things to chew on....his favorite!!
Isabel was all about the chocolate too. She is such a good girl though. When we told her that she could only have a few bites at a time, she would take her bites and then happily hand us the chocolate bunny back. Decorating Easter eggs was fun!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

my little man

A few weeks ago, William suddenly grew out of all of his clothes. I swear we had just bought him new clothes like a week before that. He wore the same 2 or 3 outfits every day for a while until my mom found some cute clothes for him and it got warm enough for him to wear them. Most of the clothes are size 6-9 months which just seems crazy to me. How is my baby that big? Plus I consider his new clothes to be less baby and more like a little boy. I think he looks precious but it makes me sad too. Here he is showing off one of his new outfits.

Bath time

I realized the other day that I didn't have any real bath pictures of Will. I know I are all feeling sorry for the poor "2nd child" but I have an excuse. He hated his baths for so long that there was no time or reason to take pictures. I washed him as quickly as possible and got him out. Now that he is enjoying bath time more I thought I would take a few pictures. I can't wait until he and Isabel can take a bath together! I think they will have so much fun.