Monday, February 23, 2009

potty training

This weekend we had a potty training boot camp. People warned me that potty training was one of the worst parts of parenting and now I can see why. We didn't leave the house all day Friday and Saturday. We probably should have stayed home Sunday too in order to really complete the potty training boot camp but we all needed to get out of the house. Church was amazing so I'm glad we went. We also had to get over Isabel's initial fear of the "big potty" at church so hopefully she will be OK today at school.
Anyway, we had a lot of accidents but a lot of successes too. She says "I'm sorry panties" when she has an accident. Isabel is funny because she started telling us that she needed to "make yellow" or "make brown" instead of saying she needed to go tee tee or poo poo. It was hilarious. She also asked Josh if he wore big girl panties too which was a fun conversation to listen to! I wouldn't say she is completely potty trained at this point but she is doing really well. I'm proud of her.
I'm not sure I should really post this picture on a public blog but I just think it is too funny not to. Maybe I'll take it down soon.

3 months

I can't believe Will is already 3 months old. He really is such a happy baby most of the time. He absolutely loves people. As soon as someone looks at him and talks to him, he starts smiling. I can't look at him when I'm trying to feed him or get him to go to sleep because if he sees me he stops to smile. He absolutely loves his big sister. She is working very hard to teach him to give high fives. He is going to be a tough thing after putting up with her abuse....I mean love! Will is sleeping better. He still wakes up at least once in the middle of the night but he eats well and we are both back asleep in about 20 min. I guess I can handle that a little longer!
Whenever I do these monthly updates I have to go back and see Isabel's 3 month blog entry. It is funny to see how alike they are. Will is completely obsessed with his hands at this age, just like his big sister was.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life with 2

(yes, there is a random metal folding chair in our den. Josh uses it to play the drums on Rock Band and somehow it stayed there for a while)

Getting so big

I'm having a hard time with the fact that Will is already getting so big. He has already outgrown almost all of his 0-3 months clothes. I bought some 6 months clothes for him at the Carter outlet the other day. They were on sale b/c they were long sleeves. Then I worried that they would be too big and wouldn't fit him until it was too hot. WRONG! 6 months fit him just fine. This makes me sad! He is also quite obsessed with his hands these days. It is cute until he falls asleep in his car seat and then wakes himself up b/c his hands are all over his face. Thank goodness for swaddling!
so happy!!

wagons and guitars

Here are two of Isabel's favorite gifts that she got for her birthday. She loves riding in her wagon but really wants Will to ride with her. She can't figure out why it matters that he can't sit up yet.
She actually picked out this guitar when we were shopping. Ever since Josh got Rock Band, she is obsessed with guitars and needed her own. The funny thing is that she can't really figure out how to hold it.
She also really wants Will to be able to play with it. She is constantly giving it to him. I guess the fact that she wants to share is nice but Will is not so excited about the guitar right now.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Isabel is 2!!

It is still hard to believe that Isabel is two. Has it really been two years? I can't even imagine our lives without her. She is such a precious little girl with such a fun personality. Yes, she is incredibly strong willed and can drive us crazy, but she can also make us laugh so hard!
She has changed and learned so much in the past few months. She no longer seems like a baby. Now she is definitely my little girl. While she desperately wants her independence, sometimes she still likes having mommy and daddy's help. During the course of one meal, we will hear "I do it myself" along with "I need help" a million times.
In the past few months she has learned all of her colors and most of her shapes. She can sing her ABCs (although her favorite part is "next time won't you sing with me") and even recognizes some of her letters. She can easily count to 13 and can count to 20 if she really wants to. Recently she has really started playing pretend so well. She goes on pretend shopping trips (but always asks us for money first). She is also obsessed with playing doctor. For months she used an old cell phone charger to listen to our hearts, look in our ears and give medicine but thankfully she got a new doctor's kit for her birthday.
She still talks constantly and now tells us stories. Sometimes the stories are true and often they are not. This keeps life interesting! :) She also loves talking on the phone. It doesn't matter too much whether or not there is someone on the other line. She just holds the phone, walks around the house and talks about everything she sees. It is pretty funny.
Isabel is a lot less shy than she used to be and is almost over her crazy fear of almost all men. However she is still afraid of some random things such as the lady dressed up in the big red bird costume at Red Robin and the huge stuffed gorilla at the library.
I'm so thankful for this precious little girl! God has given us a wonderful gift in her. I can't wait to see how He will use her in the future.
"Every good and perfect gift is from above..." James 1:17

Izzy's big day

We had a lot of fun on Isabel's 2nd birthday. We were lucky that Josh is off on Fridays so our family got to be together doing some of Isabel's favorite things. Although she still isn't feeling great, I think she had a fun day.
Here is the birthday girl!
After a fun morning at the mall and a necessary nap, we ate dinner at Cracker Barrel. Isabel informed us that she wanted macaroni and cheese for dinner. She loves playing with the peg game. She takes them all out and then puts them all back in over and over. The funny thing is that she wants to know where the missing one is. She doesn't really understand that it is a game. Eating her dinner by big!
She got ice cream for dessert!
Will slept through dinner. He always keeps the paci close by, just in case
"thank you for the ice cream daddy!"
After toy shopping at Target, we went to Isabel's favorite place ever....the PET STORE! She thinks it is her own personal zoo
This bird is almost $1300!! What in the world?
Grams came in to town to make Isabel's day even more special
she thinks the hamsters on the wheel are hysterical
Isabel's loves playing with William even more than the pet store. she always wants to be as close to him as possible
"I'm two" Yeah, we'll keep working on that
Being crazy and doing the splits an hour after she should have been in bed!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sweet Isabel

Along with being funny, Isabel is also really sweet so I have to share a few examples. Isabel has a sinus infection and is not feeling well. Isabel, William and I were all laying in bed this morning and she was upset. She knows that Will gets sad when she cries so she looked over at him and said, "I ok William. Just a little bit sad. You make me happy." Then she snuggled up next to him. It was precious! A few months ago, Isabel started saying "love you." At first it was only if someone told her to say it. After a while she started saying "I love you too" after we told her we loved her. However now she just randomly tells us. Sometimes it is if someone is leaving but other times she will just look at you and say "I love you, mommy." There is nothing better! Isabel has always been concerned when other people around her (or on TV) are sad. As most of you know, I'm a pretty emotional person and I cry easily. When I am pregnant, I am even more emotional so obviously there was a lot of crying during those 9 months. Whenever I cried, Isabel would look up at me and say "you sad mommy? It's ok." Now when Will cries she does the same thing. Today we were on the way home and Will started crying. For the rest of the ride home she just said, "it's ok buddy" over and over. I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them right now. I'm so thankful for a precious little girl with a wonderful personality.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Funny Isabel

Isabel is constantly saying and doing funny things and I never take the time to write them down. In honor of her birthday week, I'm going to try to actually list just a few of my favorites. **"Fine with Me"-- Isabel has been repeating what we say for months. It is always funny to hear certain non-kid statements come out of her mouth. She says things like "nice to see you," "how 'bout that," and other things that she hears us say. A while back she started saying that things are "fine with her." For example: Jenn: Isabel, do you want a jelly sandwich or ham and cheese for lunch. Isabel: No ham and cheese. Jelly sandwich be fine with me **"Hungy hungy in my belly button"--This is what Isabel says when she is hungry. She'll also ask us if we are hungy hungy in our belly buttons. **Recently she has become quite the little encourager. The other day when I pulled into the parking lot at church she said, "Yeah mommy!! You did it!" **"Time Out"--Isabel has been going to mother's day out for a month now and she loves it. However we have had to have many conversations about hitting. There is a little boy in her class who hits a lot of the other kids. Apparently Isabel has decided to hit back. We got a note from her teacher one day saying that she has taken the offensive and just hits the kid when he gets near her. One day she even pushed him and when he pushed her back, she ripped her bow out of her hair, threw it on the ground and just stared at him. I guess you can't fight properly with a bow in your hair. Anyway, we have talked a lot about how you go to time out for hitting. We know she understands b/c her baby dolls and most toys go in time out about a million times a day. When we were in Birmingham last weekend she was playing with the old school fisher price bus and people. She was naming all the people (mommy, daddy, Grams, etc) and Josh told her that the black one was Obama. A little while later she informed us that "Obama in time out. He hit me!" **A while ago the pest control man was at our house. Isabel saw him look under the cabinet in the bathroom where we keep some of her diapers and wipes. She started yelling, "I NOT POOPY! I NOT POOPY!!" The poor guy was so confused but we thought it was hilarious. She has also started telling me "daddy change me already" whenever I tell her it is time for a diaper change. I try to explain that it is time to change her again but that makes no sense to her. **"I not shy"--Over the past few months Isabel seems to have gotten over her intense fear of all men and some of her shyness. She now informs us whether or not she plans to be shy in each situation. She loves when some of the youth come over to our house and always tells me "I not be shy with them." However if I ask her if she wants to talk on the phone and she doesn't, her excuse is "I too shy." That is all I can think of right now. I'll try to add more later if I think of any.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun weekend

We have had a very exciting few days. Unfortunately, I did not do a great job at taking enough pictures of all of our fun. Last Thursday our little family of four headed back to Birmingham for the first time since we moved. I wasn't sure what the 4 hour drive would be like with a 2 month old and a 2 year old (almost!) but they actually did pretty well. Will slept a lot and although Isabel didn't, when we got to my mom's house she announced "I so sleepy. Go night night" and she did.
While in Birmingham we of course visited with family and also our favorite restaurants that we miss! We also had a birthday party for Isabel. It was so much fun!! It was so good to see my friends and their kids. Our kids are all getting older now and it is fun to watch them interact. Everyone finally got to meet Will too. Isabel LOVED her party! The next morning she sadly looked around and said "all my friends gone!" I think my favorite part was when we sang happy birthday to her and she blew out her candle. She has been talking about this for weeks. About 20 times a day she brings me her magna doodle and tells me to draw a cake with candles. We then sing happy birthday and she blows out the candles. When it was actually happening, she just looked around at everyone in awe and then blew out her candle perfectly! Somehow I only took 4 pictures during the party. We did a lot of video though so I'll try to figure out how to get that on the blog. Thanks so much for all who came and gave Isabel so many wonderful toys! :)
On Saturday I got to help with a shower for my friend, Dori, who will have her first baby in just a few weeks. Again it was so fun to see a lot of people I had not seen in a while and celebrate with Dori. Josh and the kids went to his parents house. Isabel loved seeing the cats and Will was a good boy and drank his bottle and enjoyed plenty of attention.
We headed back to Hendersonville on Saturday afternoon. Although it was so good to see friends and family in Birmingham, I was actually happy to be "home." It is weird to call somewhere other than Birmingham home but I'm thankful that I do feel happy here and feel that it is home. We went to church on Sunday and then Isabel and Josh played with one of her early birthday I'm not sure who had more fun, Isabel or Josh!
Sunday night we went to a Superbowl Party at some friends' house. Again, I forgot to take any pictures. It was fun to hang out with the youth. Isabel loves them and calls them "daddy's friends." She cried when we left and begged to play with daddy's friends more.
Sorry this post was so long and very lacking in pictures. I am just so thankful for all of the wonderful people in our life. More updates will come soon as my little girl will turn 2 in just a few more days!!