Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby legs

I bought Isabel a pair of baby legs when she was a few months old. Basically they are leg warmers or tights without feet that only come up to your thigh. They were really cute on her when she was little and made diaper changes easier. Anyway, she hasn't worn them in a really long time but I found them again the other day. When we got home from church on Sunday she wanted her tights off but wanted her dress on. Her legs were cold so I thought I would try the baby legs again. She loved them and they still fit! I think they were actually tighter on her thighs when she was 6 months old than they are now.

Now: (yes, she does have her mittens on. I'm not sure why she wanted to wear them for the picture)

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies are a big deal in the Knierim family. The whole family is involved in making and decorating the cookies in some way. This year Isabel got to help decorate by adding sprinkles. Even though we will continue to find sprinkles on the floor of the kitchen for as long as we will live in this house, it was worth it. Isabel had so much fun and we enjoyed watching her shake her sprinkles everywhere. Now every time she sits in her high chair, she points to the chair and tells me that she sat on papa's knee and did sprinkles. She is so proud!


I feel like Will is getting so big already. We had to take him to the doctor last week about his acid reflux and he weighed 11lbs 9oz (with clothes on). Isabel was only 11lbs at 2 months so that seems so big to me. touchdown?? I know he looks funny in this picture but I was trying to get a picture of his smile and was about a second too late. I am posting it as a "smile" picture anyway. Just pretend.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Our Christmas was a lot of fun this year. We stayed at home and our family came to celebrate with us which was nice and so much easier than trying to travel with a toddler and a newborn. Isabel understood a lot more this year and talked a lot about Santa Claus and how he would bring her toys. She also sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus" over and over. She loved opening her presents and stopped to play with each thing before opening the next. William pretty much slept through his first Christmas. I'm sure next year will be a little more exciting for him. Here are lots of pictures from our day:
Isabel got a kitchen set for Christmas. This was actually mine when I was little and it is neat to see her play with it now. She cooked for everyone all day.
Isabel decided that Will needed to taste something yummy she madeWill got a few presents too. I think he may appreciate them more in a few months Isabel loves mittens. She used to put socks on her hands and walk around like that for hours but now she has her own mittens and matching hat
Will just watched the festivities
Will really likes to look at the lights
Isabel gets to eat her first "Knierim Christmas cookie"
cute little santa baby
Isabel LOVES her magnadoodle

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. I have always loved Christmas Eve services but it is a little different now with two kids. It is a little harder to concentrate. Fortunately William slept through the service so he was nice and quiet (and I couldn't get any good pictures of him in his cute little outfit-sorry). Isabel loved her pretty dress and was excited about going to church.... until she found out we couldn't "play toys" this time like she usually does. She was actually really good though. She sat on her daddy's lap and was entertained by the candles for most of the time. The best part, however, was when she had a little gas and whispered to Josh "daddy, I poops on yous laps!"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Month

I can't believe Will is already a month old. I'm not sure how much he weighs but it is obvious that he is getting bigger because his newborn clothes barely fit him now. He is a good baby most of the time. He is starting to sleep better during the day and night. I am ready for longer stretches at night but at least he goes back to sleep quickly after eating. He is starting to "coo" and I think he smiled at me the other day but it is hard to be sure. I choose to believe it was a real smile!
Isabel wanted to be a part of the photo shoot too

More Isabel and Will

Isabel still loves to hold Will. She will sit on the couch and ask for the boppy pillow and then her baby brother. I'm not sure that Will enjoys this as much as she does but he tolerates it well.

Getting ready for Christmas!!

First bottle

Will had his first bottle last week while I was getting my hair cut. Fortunately he took it without any problems!!
Izzy also feeds "baby Mallie" her bottle too

Friday, December 5, 2008

little mommy

Isabel never misses anything that we say or do. We can be having a conversation that I assume she cannot understand when she will suddenly repeat what we have said or add in her own comment about the subject. She also watches everything we do and copies it. She paces when she talks on the phone like her daddy, uses her hands to talk, uses expressions that those around her use, and now takes care of her baby dolls like I take care of Will. She will even rock her babies and say "shhhhh." After watching us try to take a picture of Will on a blanket, she spread out her own blanket and put her dolls on top. She then took their picture with her camera. She then tried to swaddle all three dolls. Finally her daddy helped her and she carried them around with her. It was so cute and she was so proud of herself.

more pictures of Will

I wish I was a photographer. I get so frustrated when pictures don't turn out the way I want them to. Sometimes Will looks so precious so I run to take a picture. However the picture never looks like he does in real life. I would love to blame my camera but I'm sure the problem is a result of my poor photography skills. Oh well, I still like these pictures.

Santa Hats

When we were getting out our Christmas decorations, we found some Santa hats. As you can tell, Isabel loves them.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Big Sister

You may be wondering what Isabel has been doing to keep busy now that Will is here. First of all, she still tries to hug him, kiss him, and hold him all day. Other than that, she loves.....
playing with her new baby doll. She changes her diaper a million times a day
She also loves coloring now. She asks for her "cayons" constantly and then will actually sit still and color for quite a while. Isabel has also gotten tons of attention from all of her grandparents that have been here to help.
Today we started decorating our Christmas tree and this is a bit hit this year