Friday, October 31, 2008

Steak n Shake

In the past few months, I have become completely obsessed with Steak n Shake. Before coming to Hendersonville, I really didn't even know what it was. I think I had eaten at one only once before and that was with Josh's family on the way to St. Louis. I'm not sure if my new obsession is due to pregnancy cravings or if it will continue after this baby is born but regardless, I am now in love with this place and would happily eat there every day. Josh, however, does not share this love. He likes the place but would rather not eat there EVERY time we eat out. Anyway, I am admitting this to you in order to explain why last night's conversation with Isabel was so funny. Last night we were discussing dinner and we asked Isabel what she wanted. I love asking her this because you just never know what she will say. Last night she said, " gapes." She paused so I asked if she wanted anything else with her grapes for dinner. "yes, grilled cheeeeeese." Then all of the sudden she yells " AND APPLES!!" At this point I'm laughing and Josh is looking at me suspiciously. Isabel has just named exactly what she eats at Steak n Shake each time we go. I promise I didn't teach it to her that but I was so proud!!
***I have pictures that I will post soon but Josh took the cord that moves the pictures from the camera to the computer to work so they are stuck on the camera at this point. Sorry. I do hope you enjoyed that truly technical description though.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was tagged by Kim to list six things that make me happy. It's harder than you think to only pick 6. These are the 6 things I came up with although they are not in order and I reserve the right to add things later when I think of them. 1. Josh. So much of what he does and who he is makes me happy but my first thought was that it makes me happy to see him really happy! It also makes me happy to see him with Isabel. Their new favorite thing to play is football and you can't not laugh when she hikes the ball and then runs at him so he can tackle her. I can't wait to see him with his son. 2. Isabel. Although she can drive me crazy sometimes (is she 2 already??) she can also be hilarious. I love listening to what comes out of her little mouth. I also love listening to her sing songs. She still sings Happy Birthday about 20 times a day to everyone she knows (including all stuffed animals and baby dolls). It also makes me so happy to hear her say "love you mommy" without being prompted. 3. Genuine worship. I love being part of a group of people who are worshiping God and the only thing that matters at that moment is God and how truly Amazing He is. 4. Football. This does not always make me happy but right now both Alabama and the Titans are undefeated. How can you not be happy about that? 5. Pictures. Looking at pictures makes me so happy. I love looking back at old pictures and remembering or being excited about a new picture I just took that perfectly captured a moment. I even enjoy looking at pictures of people I barely know, especially if it is pictures of kids. Is that weird? 6. Chocolate and a good Sleep. I realize that this is actually two things but I'm really pregnant and these two things make me really happy right now. I'm now supposed to tag people so I tag Beth, Natalie, Ashley G, and Aby. Have fun! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Books, books and more books

If you know Josh, you know he has an obsession with books. I feel like it started at an early age and totally blame his mother. :) However, seminary really fueled his obsession and he constantly bought new books about everything....theology, ethics, philosophy, weird fiction books, ministry books and multiple sets of commentaries. Many of these books were less than $1 on ebay but they were still books that took up space in our house. Anyway, when we started packing to move I encouraged Josh to look through the 6+ bookshelves filled with books and see if there were any we could give away, sell, throw away, anything but take with us. Shockingly we actually did sell/give away A LOT of books. However, we still moved A LOT. 42 boxes to be exact!! I told you he had a problem. Although I forgot to take a lot of pictures of moving day, I did get a picture of the 42 boxes of books and I felt like our family blog would not be complete without a picture of them.
Here is the great news though........the majority of these books are now filling multiple bookcases in his OFFICE and NOT at our house!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Big Girl Bed

I am proud to announce that Isabel is officially sleeping in her big girl bed! Since the new baby will need her crib, we decided to use the move as an opportunity to switch Isabel to a big girl bed. Basically this "bed" is a twin mattress on the floor with a big rail. The transition wasn't as hard as I was expecting. Last Friday we talked a lot about her sleeping in her big girl bed. Her response was always "pacis??" I guess as long as there are pacifiers, she is willing to sleep there. That day she took a great nap in her new bed and slept great that night too. Since then we have good days/nights and bad days/nights. I really don't think it has much to do with the bed though. She was already having sleep issues off and on before we moved. I'm blaming teething at the moment and praying that last tooth comes in quickly so I can get a few weeks of consistent good sleep before there is a newborn in the house!
I haven't taken any pictures of her bed or room now that it is more put together but here are some pictures of Isabel and her big girl bed when we were first moving it in her new room.
Yes, the "picture face" still lives!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The real countdown begins

In less than 5 weeks, we will be a family of FOUR!! It is so hard to believe. With all of the craziness of moving, this pregnancy has gone by really quickly and now the baby will be here in a few more weeks. This morning I went to see my new doctor who I really like. It is a good thing because I'll be seeing a lot of her in the next few weeks. Everything is good with both me and the baby and we scheduled the c-section for November 20, 2008!! I have been pretty bad about taking "belly shots" during this pregnancy but here I am at 33.5 weeks. I don't know if you can tell, but this is a big baby. I know it can't be true but I didn't feel this big when I delivered Isabel. This boy is a crazy mover too. You can literally watch my stomach jump constantly from across the room. He is especially active at night. Does this mean he will never sleep at night??

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, we made it through the big move. I wasn't sure what it would be like to move to another state with a 20 month old when I was 33 weeks pregnant. It turns out that it wasn't as bad as I expected. Fortunately Josh and I are blessed with a wonderful family that have helped us so much and a precious little girl who has handled all the changes so well and kept us all laughing and entertained the whole time. I could write a million pages describing the move but I'll spare you and just show you some pictures. I wish I had taken more pictures of the insane number of boxes (including 42 boxes of just books) but I could never find my camera and our moms just unpacked them too fast! I guess that is a good problem.
Our new house

I'll have to take more pictures this winter so you can actually see the house and not just the massive tree in the front.

We were worried that Isabel would get upset watching the movers move everything out of the old house. Of course we were wrong. She was obsessed with the "big tuck...vrooooom" and the "mover men" and wanted to watch everything! When we pulled up to the new house, the first thing she said was "Izzybell's new house...pretty." She then pointed to the truck and said "TOYS!!" I guess she knew her toys were in there and was ready for them to come out. We are already getting settled in our new house and new town. Our parents really did help so much by getting us unpacked and entertaining Isabel. I can't imagine doing it without their help. Josh is really liking his job so far and we love the church so much. The people there have been so nice and welcoming and have even brought us dinners. While we were praying about Josh finding a job in the ministry, I prayed specifically that God would lead us to a church where Josh enjoyed his job but that we also enjoyed the church and loved the people. God has definitely answered our prayers!

First Haircut

For some reason in the craziness before moving, I decided that Isabel's hair needed to be cut. The front and sides were fine but the back was starting to look a little rough. I really didn't want the rat tail look for my little girl. So when I went to get my hair cut, I brought Isabel along. I wasn't sure if she would sit still or if she would be really scared but she surprised us and did GREAT! She sat in my lap and was all about the "pretty dress" we got to wear. The rest of the day she told everyone "hair fix...pretty."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

3D/4D ultrasound pictures

Josh and I went to do the 3D/4D ultrasound yesterday. Just like his sister, this baby did not want to cooperate. Apparently my children want their hands and feet in their face which does not make for good pictures. Plus he decided that it was the perfect time for a nap. If only I could have an ultrasound around 10pm! The pictures aren't great but I had to share a few anyway. We still think he is precious!!

Yes, his big toe is actually in his eye! Izzy sucked on her toes during her ultrasound. Not sure why my children love their toes so much.