Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Recently Isabel has decided that using a fork to eat is fun. This morning she ate all of her banana pieces with a fork and tried to eat her waffle with a fork too but it was a little harder....mainly because she kept dropping the waffle in her "dip dip" and couldn't get it out. Anyway, I'm excited she is finally learning this skill. We've been trying to get her to use a spoon for a while but she would rather just play and stir the food and then feed me. Any advice on that?
No, she is not using a fork in this picture but I added it anyway b/c I think it is cute. We were eating lunch and Izzy pointed to the camera and said "picture." Apparently she felt it was a good photo op. And yes, she does have a pink bow in her hair with her green outfit and a blue and yellow bow in her hair with her pink PJs.

Mommy's Happy to day

The past few days have increased Isabel's obsession with birthdays (or happy to days). Last Friday night we went to a first birthday party. Isabel said "Happy to day" over and over for about 2 hours before the party and then began chanting for "cake" as soon as we arrived. Then on Sunday she went to another fun party and then my birthday was yesterday. I tried to explain to her that it was mommy's Happy to day and she just laughed and said "no, Izzy" or "no, daddy." Her present to me was wonderful though. She slept late that morning and then took a 3 hour nap. I couldn't ask for more!!
She did enjoy the dinner at Kobe's were she got to see fish and play with chopsticks. However it was hard to explain why it was ok for the chef to throw the shrimp at me when we have been working very hard on how it is a "no no" to throw food. She told me and the chef and anyone who would listen "no throw food, floor."
Here are a few more pictures of Isabel since I have been told that there haven't been enough pictures of her on the blog recently. As you can tell, Elmo is her new best friend. At least it isn't a plastic bath toy, although she still sleeps with Walrus every once in a while.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beware of the Galleria

If you don't live in Birmingham, this post may not mean as much to you. However, if you do live here, serious....be careful at the Galleria. Josh, Izzy and I decided to go on Saturday night. I honestly can't even remember the last time I was there but Izzy will be moving to a "big girl" bed soon and I wanted to look at the department stores there for bedding. So anyway, we walked around for a little while and then Izzy started chanting "eat eat eat" over and over so we decided to stop in the food court and eat. We got our food and then started the usual search for an empty table. It didn't take long before a group of women were getting up and offered their table. Great!! We sit down and get Iz situated in a high chair. I get some hand sanitizer out of the diaper bag and basically bathe her in it (have you seen the high chairs there?). I turn back to put it back in the bag and it is gone! It takes Josh and I about 5 seconds to figure out that someone had to of walked by and just grabbed it! You may be thinking that it is not such a big deal to have some diapers stolen but let me explain that I use this as my purse so in addition to the diapers, my wallet, cell phone and keys are inside. I just sit there in shock while Josh decides to run around for a second and see if he sees anyone. It seems like he is gone forever. I'm trying to calmly feed Isabel who has no idea anything bad has happened and is simply enjoying "dip dipping" her chicken. I'm praying that Josh finds the bag and then imagining him trying to fight someone to get it back and start praying more specifically that he finds it laying on the ground with no one nearby. Finally he comes back to tell me that he is going to find a police officer/security guard. Again Isabel and I are just sitting there. She is happily eating her fruit cup while I am imagining someone finding our car, using my license to find our house and then going to steal everything we have. At this point we are swarmed with Hoover police who start taking down information. Josh comes back and we start canceling my debit cards and credit cards. Then the craziest thing happens. One of the police officers comes running up with the diaper bag!! Some woman found it in the women's bathroom and turned it in to lost and found. Apparently someone stole it and took the $20 cash out and then just left it. They didn't take the credit cards and didn't even use the gift cards in it. I'm sure they thought it was a purse and was a little disappointed to find diapers and wipes inside. Who knows? I was just so thankful to get it back!! One more funny part to the story.....later that night after Isabel goes to sleep. I realize that Josh and I never actually ate our dinner and we are hungry. All I want is ice cream (I'm pregnant remember!) so I go to dairy queen to get us some. I have already ordered and handed the lady my debit card before realizing that they stole my cash and we have cancelled all my credit cards. It is a little embarrassing to explain to the people at Dairy Queen that you actually cannot pay for your $3 of ice cream. However, this does not deter me from my ice cream craving. I went back home, got Josh's debit card and went BACK to DQ. After a night like that, we NEEDED some ice cream!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Little miss bossy

Over the past few weeks we have noticed that Isabel is really trying to assert her independence more and more. Basically this is a nice way of saying that she knows what she wants and has no problems explaining this to you (as many times as necessary) and expecting everyone to follow her commands. I'm not sure if she is preparing for her upcoming role as big sister or if this just means we are getting closer and closer to the terrible twos!! Either way, sometimes it is hilarious and sometimes it is more than annoying. I hear "this way" about a million times a day as Isabel tells us exactly where to go and even which bathroom she wants me to use. She is also becoming more opinionated about her clothing options. There are times when she only wants to wear hot pink swim shoes instead of her cute little white sandals that match her outfit. Her daddy encourages this because he can't get those sandals buckled so I actually blame him. She also wants to wear 3+ bows many days and insists on picking the color of the bows. She also loves wearing her green socks with whatever she happens to be wearing. I know these pictures aren't great but you can see some of her new fashion ideas.
My friend, Kim, and her son, Thomas, came to play last week. Izzy dressed up for the occasion by wearing 3 bows and her green socks. She had so much fun playing and still asks for "more Tim (Kim), more Thomas"

She woke up one morning and immediate requested a bow which actually meant 3 bows. I guess she really needed her hair out of her face to eat! Another funny story....Izzy crawled up in my lap the other day and said "baby bruda" while pointing to my stomach. She then insisted that I "open" my stomach. I guess she was ready for him to come out and play.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Are you ready for some football?


Girly Girl

She may like to throw the football and yell "touchdown!" but she is still my girly girl. Now that Isabel has decided she doesn't need her morning nap, she helps me get ready in the morning. If I put on make-up, she needs to too. She even helps her daddy look pretty (he needs a boy doesn't he?) :)
Isabel also loves to push her baby in the stroller that her Grams had when she was a little girl. When the baby "cries" Izzy quickly picks her up and rocks her and pats her back. So sweet!!
we are not sure why she only pushes with one hand chatting with the neighborhood girls

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Happy to day"

Isabel is 18 months old...that is a year and a half which seems entirely too old. I have no idea why 18 months (again, that is 1.5 years) seems so much older than 17 months but it does. Her new favorite song has become "Happy Birthday" only she sings it "Happy to day." She will sing this at any random time during the day and it will go on for quite a while as long as you don't acknowledge it. We think it is pretty funny. Sometimes she will inform Josh or me that we need to sing it as well. We do. Yes, she is sitting and laying on the rug in our kitchen. For some reason she loves this spot. I'm sure I have said this before but I'll say it again anyway. Isabel is obsessed with "babies." Please remember that to her, babies are anyone under the age of about 15. She went with me to the doctor the other day and ran across the waiting room when a lady came in with a newborn baby. She was so excited. Lets hope this continues. Today she got to play with her friends Caleb and Adelynn. She loved it so much. When we went outside to greet them, she squealed "hi" and then immediately told them to "come mom" and "pay" inside. I tried to get some good pictures but have you ever tried taking pictures of a 17 month old, and 18 month old and a 3 year old? It just doesn't work well.
Izzy tried to hug poor Adelynn about a million times

I promise they had fun together, you just can't tell

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Dip Dip"

For the past few weeks, Isabel has become obsessed with dipping her food. We will give her something to eat and she will immediately ask to "dip dip" (by the way, why do kids say words twice??). It doesn't really matter what the food is or what she is dipping the food into as long as she can dip it. Usually it is normal things, her waffle in syrup, chicken in ketchup, etc. However, she has also dipped her chicken in jelly (we were at the beach and didn't have ketchup in the condo so her daddy improvised. He swears this is not gross because people put jelly on their chicken biscuits from Chick-fil-A. You can decide this for yourself). Izzy has also dipped her Cheetos in ketchup. I was disgusted but she assured me that it was "yummy yummy." She has even resorted to dipping food into the straw of her sippy cup if there is no other dipping sauce available.
Fortunately she is a very good "dipper" and doesn't make much of a mess. Honestly, I'm not sure that she actually gets all that much on her food but we won't tell her that. Isabel has always been a picky eater so I'm just happy for a new technique to get her to eat more. It is amazing what she will try if we offer to dip it first!


Daddy's Titans hat Touchdown? One of my mom's friends gave Isabel this cute hat. Isabel immediately put it on, pointed to it and said "hat" and then started saying "splash!" Apparently in her mind if you wear this kind of hat you better be heading to the pool.