Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Princess Party

Last weekend Isabel's friend, Claire, turned 3 and had a princess party. Cinderella even made an appearance but Isabel didn't have a clue who she was so she wasn't too impressed. However, she did love the necklace, tiara and other jewelry that she got to wear.
The party was at a Kid's gym and Isabel had such a good time. She loved the ball pit and the bubbles a lot but I think her favorite was riding in this little car down a ramp. I thought she would be terrified but Josh stuck her in the car and she loved it. She begged to do it again and again after each ride.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Brother

We have been trying to explain more and more to Isabel about her baby brother. She will say brother (bruda) and even called the baby dolls she saw at Target brothers. We still have a long way to go though as you can tell by this story: She will now point to my stomach (ok, sometimes) when I ask her where her baby brother is. The other night she was sitting in my lap and we were talking about her baby brother again. She lifted my shirt a little and kissed my stomach. So cute!! Of course Josh and I said "aaawwwww" and Isabel told us that it was "nice." I'm thinking that maybe she really is figuring out this whole baby thing. Right then she jumps off my lap and goes to Josh. She lifts his shirt and kisses his stomach too!! Josh and I could not stop laughing! Ok, so maybe we still have a little explaining to do. Sorry no picture. Go back and look at the 8 million beach pictures again if you need to! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beach Baby

We just got back from a week at the beach. We had a great time although the start was a little rough. The first day we were there, we had to take Isabel to a walk-in clinic. She had a fever of 104.4 and an ear infection. Fortunately the antibiotic worked quickly and Isabel felt better for the rest of the trip. Izzy surprised us and really liked the sand. At first she wanted to wear shoes but loved to dig in it. Eventually she was happily pouring it all over her. She asked to "dig" all week. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Even more than the sand, Isabel LOVED the pool. She literally asked to "splash splash" every time she saw the pool, the ocean, a lake or a bathing suit. She mainly wanted to stay on the steps but would let us take her into the pool every once in a while. Photobucket Photobucket Our only family picture. Not great but at least it is all three...I mean all four of us. Photobucket Josh and I got to go to dinner one night by ourselves which was wonderful. Isabel had fun staying with her Nana and Papa. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket We took well over a 100 pictures so there is a slide show if you want to see more pictures.

Beach pictures

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's a ...........................

BOY!!!!!!! We are so excited but not sure what to expect. I need some advice from those of you that are mothers to boys! All went well at the ultrasound and we are so thankful that HE seems to be healthy and developing normally. Now we have to get ready for some blue around here. We have a lot of pink and purple stuff so if you have blue baby items and want to swap just let us know!! Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support. We appreciate it and can't wait to show you pictures of our son in only 20 more weeks.

Monday, July 7, 2008

17 months

It is so hard to believe that Isabel is 17 months. She is such a sweet little girl. Lately she has really started playing with her baby dolls and stuffed animals. She is so cute with them. She holds them, pats them, rocks them and gives them kisses. I love watching her do this and can't wait to see her with her new sibling. Of course I get a little worried when she decides she is done playing with the dolls and throws them to the floor. I guess we will have to continue to work on being gentle!

July 4th

We had fun celebrating July 4th this year. We went to a picnic with our church and had lots of good food. Isabel had fun playing with all of her grandparents, splashing in puddles after a quick rain and watching/playing with all of the other kids there.
Before leaving for the picnic, I tried to take some "belly shots" since I really hadn't taken any and I'm 19 weeks. Isabel couldn't understand why she shouldn't be in the pictures too.
She liked the chair her Nana bought her eating pop ice...Josh loves pop ice and we eat them a lot during the summer. Isabel quickly decided that she likes them too and asks for pop ice quite frequently throughout the day. When we eat them she goes back and forth between Josh and I asking for bites. I think it is funny because it sounds like she is asking for Bo Bice. puddles are fun!
It is always nice when there is a 3 day weekend and Josh is home. Mondays are hard though because Isabel is a daddy's girl and can't figure out where her daddy is. She spends the morning asking for him, calling for him and looking for him everywhere. I love the excitement on her face when he comes home from work that afternoon.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Fun

Apparently at Grams' house, you can swim in a t'shirt and diaper if you ask nicely enough (and it helps if you ask to "splash splash" over and over and over and over) BUBBLES!!!

How sweet is that face?