Sunday, June 29, 2008

work hard, play hard

Isabel had a busy day on Saturday. We decided to try the baby pool again and had much more success this time. First we let her play in it inside without water and she got mad that she couldn't splash so we put the pool in the garage (I didn't feel like dealing with sunscreen) and added water. She had so much fun splashing everyone and playing with her toys.

After a while Isabel decided she was done with the pool and needed to help her daddy who was working out in the yard.

Watching wasn't good enough so she grabbed a shovel and started helping after mommy made her put on a hat.

After a while, Isabel decided that she had worked enough and needed to play a little more in her swimming pool.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a whole new world

Last Friday was a big day for Isabel. For the first time in over 16 months, Isabel sat in her car seat and watched the road in front of her instead of staring at a gray seat. We finally got her car seat turned around so she is forward facing! I know some of you are thinking that I'm crazy for waiting so long to do this but at 12 months, she was only 19 pounds. At her 15 month check-up she finally weighed over the 20lb mark but I still wasn't in a hurry to turn her car seat. She was still happy rear facing and I knew she was much safer. I finally decided it was time though. Mainly b/c it is so HOT and it is so hard to get air to her in that huge car seat facing backwards. At first Izzy wasn't sure what to think. All the way home from the fire station, she just sat looking out of the front window with huge eyes. It was pretty funny. She quickly decided that she liked it though and thinks it is so funny that she can see mama and daddy in the front seat.

Please notice the bracelets in the pictures. She has on at least 4! She also has "hop hop" (the bunny) instead of Walrus. She changes her mind constantly as to which friend she wants.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Isabel has a new best friend. She has never had a lovey or any type of special blanket, stuffed animal, etc. that she sleeps with or takes places. I always kind of wanted her to have one, especially her sweet little blanket with the lamb head, and although she does like to play with it or hug it, it never lasts longer than a minute or two. All that has changed now. A few weekends ago, we went to Brandon's birthday party. Isabel had so much fun and loved the bucket and water toys inside that she was given. One of those toys was a walrus, Isabel's new best friend. Walrus goes everywhere with us. Izzy even sleeps with him sometimes. She will be playing and all the sudden look up at me and ask "walrus" and needs him immediately. It is so random but so funny. Here are some pictures of Isabel and Walrus.
Walrus must join us for all meals

Izzy even offers Walrus some "cup cup" giving Walrus a kiss
hugging walrus
walrus must be with her in the car!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I wish I had done a better job at taking pictures on Father's Day. Izzy fell asleep on the way home from church and was not happy about being woken up long enough to change her clothes and put her in the crib. Then I tried to take a picture of Josh and Izzy later but neither would cooperate. I have decided that you really need a video of Izzy and her daddy anyway to see their real relationship. Isabel is such a daddy's girl. When he leaves, I hear "more dada" over and over. When she wakes up from her afternoon nap she knows he will be home soon so every noise she hears she gasps, smiles and says "dada"? Josh can make her laugh and squeal unlike anyone else. There is nothing more fun in Isabel's mind that playing "boo" with daddy. He will hide and then scare her and then she does the same thing screaming BOO! Isabel and baby #2 (although he/she doesn't know it quite yet) are so lucky to have such a wonderful daddy. I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband who is such an amazing and involved daddy.

Isabel and baby #2 are also lucky to have such a great Papa too. Josh's parents were out of town yesterday and Isabel could not understand where her Papa was. She asked everyone she saw and then started saying "no Papa" over and over. It was sad but cute. Isabel's favorite thing to do is "rest rest" with her daddy. Basically she wants to snuggle and Josh and I never refuse!! Usually this is done for a while after a nap but sometimes she will randomly request to "rest rest" at any point in the day. Last night it was time to go to bed but she kept asking to rest rest instead of putting on her pajamas. I'm pretty sure she knew her daddy would not make her go to bed as long she was snuggling with him. She was right! :)

Just a funny picture of Isabel brushing her teeth wearing her daddy's belt

Monday, June 9, 2008

16 months

Isabel is 16 months old! My baby is definitely a toddler now. She is walking everywhere and getting faster each day. She has a new love for bracelets thanks to her grams so she has become very girly with her constant need for bows and bracelets! Isabel is still talking a ton. My new favorite thing she says is "right back." This is said while pointing her finger at you. Apparently I told her that I would be right back multiple times when running into the kitchen to get something for her (a snack, a cup, etc.). Now when she wants something to eat, she will point her finger at us and tell us to be right back. She is also putting more and more words together which is always interesting. She will say "bye bye dada" or "uh oh bow" (when she pulls it out of her hair and then drops it) and "no no lobster" (to the lobster at Fish Market that she was afraid of). Here are some pictures of the last few days. We went to a birthday party and she had so much fun!

She loved being pulled around in this wagon and couldn't understand why daddy wanted to stop.

Isabel with her friend Reid. I love seeing her with other babies but get worried when she wants to pat them or love them. Her pats and kisses can get a little aggressive.Isabel thought Natalie was hilarious!
This is a picture of 3 of my best friends that I grew up with and our children. We didn't take this until the end of the party so the kids were tired and hungry but it is still a neat picture to have.

Isabel has a new obsession with hats too. She found this hat that was hers as a newborn and insisted on wearing it. When folding laundry, washcloths make great hats too!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


We bought a little pool for our backyard to let Isabel swim in. Although she loves her bath, she has not been in a pool for almost a year. She loved it when she was about 4 months old, but she is a little more opinionated at this age so we weren't sure what to expect. It turns out, we were right to worry. She was not loving the pool at first! The bathing suit was fun and the hat was exciting (at first) but she was not so sure about us sitting her in this pool of water that was not the bathtub.
Happy about our bathing suit before she sees the pool


Poor Josh quickly realized that the only choice was for him to jump in with her. At this point she decided it was fine to sit in her dada's lap in the pool as long as no part of her body actually touched the water

"Maybe I can put my feet in this water and hold on really tight to my daddy"
fortunately cups of water are always fun!

maybe this isn't so bad