Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

We hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day. We enjoyed grilling out and spending time with our family. Isabel loves getting all the attention from all her grandparents. She is a lucky girl. She entertained us all by dancing, kicking and throwing her ball and modeling her new sunglasses.

Look Grams has on glasses too!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sympathy morning sickness

Izzy is constantly making us laugh. A lot of the times it is because she copies everything we say and do. Well, this morning she, too, had morning sickness. Sorry if this story is more than you wanted to know...it was too funny not to tell. I really haven't been too sick with this pregnancy but I do have my moments. This morning I got sick right after Isabel woke up from her nap so of course she is right there with me. At first she was worried about me. She whimpered and patted my back. Then she pushed her way up to the toilet and began making throw-up noises as she leaned over the toilet. I couldn't stop laughing!! Then tonight I was sick again. She was playing with Josh but immediately follows me into the bathroom. Once again she pats my back for a minute and then starts leaning over the toilet making her own throw-up noises. This time we took pictures. She is such a funny kid!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Isabel's secret

Izzy has been keeping a secret for a while now, and it hasn't been easy for her. She was very excited when we first told her.............


That's right, Knierim baby #2 will be here in late November. We are so excited and had to share the news!!

Bow Success

If you have heard me complain about our constant issues over bows, you will know this is a big day for us. Isabel no longer hates having a bow in her hair!! In fact, she now asks for them to be put in her hair and then leaves them there (unless we are in the car). This is a huge change from the past reaction of immediately ripping it out of her hair and saying "no...bow....no...bow" over and over. Doesn't she look so cute with her bow in?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We had fun celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday. Josh and I are lucky that both of our moms are in town so we all went to church together and then had lunch. I absolutely love being a mom and I'm so thankful that both Josh and I had wonderful mothers to be perfect examples for us. Josh's dad preached about the kind of examples we need to be for our children. We can't talk to them about God and being a good person and then act another way. This is a huge responsibility that we have to take seriously. Isabel already repeats what we say and copies what we do. I know this will only increase as she gets older and I want her to see Christ in me!
3 generations
Isabel and her Grams
Isabel and her Nana
Isabel has become quite the walker this weekend. She finally decided to be brave and just go for it! She still crawls some but is walking so much more. Now I'm wondering why I was in such a hurry for this!!

Master Matt

Josh's brother, Matt (or Map according to Izzy) graduated with his MSW this weekend. He has worked hard the past 2 years and I know he is glad to be finished. We celebrated with dinner on Saturday night and Izzy helped him open presents.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

15 Months!!

I can't believe I'm writing another one of these posts and that another month has passed! Isabel is now 15 months. We went to the doctor this morning for her check-up and she is doing well. She weighs 21lb 9 oz and is 30.5 inches long (although who knows for sure since she is not one to lay still while they make marks and measure). Our doctor wasn't concerned that she isn't completely walking yet. Basically she can walk, but she is a chicken and crawling is easier and faster at this point. She'll walk when she is ready....you gotta love a strong willed child! Izzy is still obsessed with dancing and often brings me my cell phone saying "dance dance" while shaking her head back and forth. She says new words every day and got 4 new teeth this month including 3 MOLARS!! I am ready for all these teeth to be in.

Since Josh was out of town with work the weekend before, he got to stay home yesterday. We had lunch and then went to the Botanical Gardens. It was so pretty. Isabel mainly loved the pond with the fish and asked where they were the rest of the trip.

Afterwards we were all hot and there was too much traffic on 280 so we stopped to get milkshakes at Chick-fil-A. Izzy quickly decided that she is a big fan of milkshakes!

Friday, May 2, 2008

nasal aspirator

I hope this picture makes you laugh as much as it made me laugh. When Izzy was younger, she got a runny nose with every new tooth. That means we had to use the dreaded nasal aspirator a lot(I think that is the technical term....we call it the "booger getter"). She hated it and would scream if it got near her. However now she thinks it is a fun toy. Before you get grossed out, this is actually a clean one that we never used b/c the one from the hospital worked so much better. Anyway, Isabel now likes to clean all of her toys' noses. If you aren't careful, she'll get yours too!!

sweet sleeper

I have always loved the way Isabel sleeps. She tucks both of her hands under her stomach and then pulls her knees up so her butt is up on the air. It is precious but very hard to get a picture of. Last week she took a really long afternoon nap so I had to wake her up. It was a perfect chance to take her picture. She didn't move after 3 flashes! Please notice the FIVE pacis she has to have around her face...just in case!