Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

We stole an idea from a couple in our Sunday School class and gave Isabel her Easter basket on Saturday morning. This way Easter morning isn't so crazy before church and Sunday is all about Jesus and not Easter presents. Isabel got a bubble machine, a book, a ball and some new shoes. She actually played with most of it as we walked around Walmart the night we bought everything.
I think the ball is her favorite...daddy's too.
Yeah for Easter!

She loved pulling out ALL of the grass. The funny thing is that my mom and I were recently looking at a picture of me from my first Easter. I was covered in the grass from my Easter basket, only it is worse because there were peeps mixed in.
Studying the bubbles

The only way I could get her to sit still was to get her to clap

Saturday, March 22, 2008

To the Zoo again

Today was another beautiful day so we went back to the zoo. We are loving our zoo pass. I promise I won't post pictures every single time we go to the zoo for the next year but I thought these were cute.

She likes the animals but keeps a tight hold on her daddy.

Random pictures from the week

I took a lot of random pictures this week and it would take way too long to make them each their own blog entry so they are all getting lumped together here. Enjoy! We put Josh's shirt on Isabel and she thought it was so funny. Her hands would get lost and she would get worried and say "uh oh" until we helped her find them.

My Aunt sent us some Easter presents, including this bunny. Isabel LOVED it. It plays music but the music is pretty slow. Izzy still claps her hands and dances like it is dance music. Can you tell how hard she is laughing in this picture?
We got a new stroller this week and Izzy insisted on riding around the house for about 15 min. Luckily she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

This is Isabel waking up from a nap. She loves her pacis but only gets them when she sleeps and in the car. There are usually at least 4 in her crib with her (one for each hand, one for her mouth and one in case one of the other gets lost). As soon as I go in her room after a nap, she will throw them out, say "uh oh" and laugh.
Izzy loves to give the people in her book "bup bup" (bup =cup in Izzy language). I have to admit that I taught her this b/c she would actually take a drink of her milk in a sippy cup after feeding everyone in her books. Now, she gives them sips constantly. This is very good for books!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Josh and I went to Atlanta this weekend without Isabel. This was our first night away from our girl and we all did better than I expected. Luckily Isabel's Grams (my mom) stayed with her and according to my mom, "she was an angel." I don't know if an "angel" would talk through her afternoon nap instead of sleeping or wake up at 6:30am on Sunday (a good hour earlier than her usual wake up time) but I think they had fun and Josh and I had a nice vacation away. We shopped, went to the art museum and spent time with our friends Sara and Rob. It was so much fun but we were very ready to be home and see our precious little girl! Jenn and Sara...sorry Rob, I forgot to take a picture of you
Isabel gave her Grams a kiss for keeping her this weekend

So happy that daddy is home!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just sitting and reading

Isabel loves to pull all the stuffed animals out of her chair, climb in (with a little help) and then asks for a book. She then sits there and reads happily. She thinks she is so big.

Yes, the book is upside down. She doesn't mind.

Sometimes she reads to her monkey

Friday, March 7, 2008

13 Months

Izzy is now 13 months. This past month has flown by. I feel like I was just crying over the fact that she was ONE! Here are some fun facts about my 13 month little girl:

  • She is constantly talking (I know this surprises those of you who know me well). I feel like she learns a new word every day and repeats almost everything we say. She has no trouble communicating to us exactly what she wants. If she is not saying real words, she is constantly "talking" in some other language that only she understands, although she looks at us expecting an answer when she is done.

  • Isabel has always loved to dance but now she loves to sing as well. It is hilarious. She will sing along to a song or just sing on her own. She loves American Idol...she gets to sing, dance and clap! What more do you need?

  • She is now drinking 100% whole milk! WOO HOO!!!! She still gets 2 bottles a day and then a sippy cup of milk for lunch and dinner. Sometimes she is good with her sippy cups and sometimes she refuses. The girl knows what she wants and what she doesn't! Hopefully we will be done with the bottles soon!

  • Isabel had her first stomach virus on Wednesday. It was not a fun day for us. I don't even know how many different outfits or baths she had that day. She then gave it me and her daddy has it now. Yes, we will fumigate our house when we are all well.

  • No, she is still not walking. She likes to walk while holding our fingers but if we try to let go, she immediately sits down....chicken. She is enjoying walking behind her lion though. Maybe she will walk one day but I don't think it will be too soon.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fun outside

Today was another beautiful day so after Izzy's afternoon nap, we had to play outside. We went on a walk to my mom's house and had to stop and play with the kids who live across the street from her. They are obsessed with Isabel and she just laughs at them.

Maybe she really will walk one day
Isabel was happily eating her dinner until she saw her daddy's sandwich. She decided she wanted it...not pieces of it, the whole thing. Should I be worried that she already wants to be little miss independent at age 1?
My mom found Isabel this duck dressed like a bunny that sings and dances. Isabel thinks it is hilarious and dances with it. I need to figure out how to put videos on this blog so you can see her.

Fun at the Zoo

It was so beautiful Saturday so we decided it was a perfect day for Isabel's first trip to the zoo. We had so much fun. Izzy loved the animals, although I think she may have liked watching the other kids just as much. She did make her monkey noise at anything that even slightly resembled a monkey and quacked at anything that looked like a duck. She and her daddy enjoyed petting sheep, a lama and goats!!