Saturday, November 14, 2015

Birthday fun for Will

Because Josh and I will be taking 100 teenagers on a Fall Retreat on Will's actual birthday, we decided to celebrate Will's birthday a week early.  He wanted to invite a few friends to jump at Airwalk and then go for pizza and cupcakes.  It was crazy but so much fun.  Definitely a perfect way for Will to to celebrate his birthday.

Somehow this kid is almost 7!  

He sure loves his daddy.

It's November and he is wearing shorts and short sleeves-partly because it still isn't that cold and partly because he doesn't feel cold and only wants to wear "athletic" shorts

Isabel was sick a few days ago and Will was so worried she wouldn't be able to come to his party.  We were all glad that she was feeling better and ready to come.

Basket ball, trampolines and friends..what else could a boy need?

There was a lot of flipping taking place

I love this picture!  Will has triplets in his class this year, Kody, Kale and Emory.  Will loves all 3 of them and was so glad they could come play with him.  This is Emory trying to pull him out of the foam pit.

This was taken about a minute later.  Somehow Emory and Kale ended up in the foam put with him and all were laughing hysterically. 

Other than the triplets, Will only cared about having Mia and Yates there.

Will with Kody and Kale-I'm so glad they are all in the same class this year.

Then they found dodge ball! This was probably Will's favorite part!

The sweet girls!

Time for Pizza!!

Listening to his friends sing Happy Birthday to him

Blowing out that "7" candle

The whole group!

my favorites

Reading his card to his friends

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was a crazy day this year.  It was a Saturday which is the perfect day for Halloween but it was a full one.  First there was a Monster Dash fun run at the kids' school.  Josh took Will early that morning.  Isabel did not want to go because she could not eat most of the candy they were giving out because of her expanders. Well, that and the fact that running a mile is not her idea of fun!

After the fun run, they had just enough time to throw a soccer uniform on Will and we headed to his soccer game.  It had started raining a little at that point but apparently a little rain doesn't stop a soccer game. After a tough start to their season, Will's team won their 3rd game in a row.  He has been playing great and even scored 2 goals!

Finally it was time to actually focus on Halloween.  There was no doubt that it was going to rain so the kids were dressed and ready to go by 4pm.  We were so excited to finally be in our house this year with a fun neighborhood to trick-or-treat in.  We had some friends, Grams and Nana come over and had a great night despite the bad weather.

Isabel and Grams pre-costume

My beautiful mermaid
She desperately wanted to be a mermaid this year but made sure to specify that it was NOT Ariel!

I love these two so much and how their costume choices say so much about who they are!

Josh took Will costume shopping one night and came back with this robot football player costume.  I don't really get it but the boys loved it!

The group handing out some candy before we started trick-or-treating

These four are such sweet friends!  We got to a few houses before the rain started.  Luckily it didn't rain hard for a while and the kids barely noticed and definitely didn't care.  When it started pouring we decided we had enough candy and headed home!

Isabel's sweet friend, Sarah, lives in our neighborhood so they got to see each other out trick-or-treating.  Their teacher lives in our neighborhood too but wasn't home when they went to her house.

Soaking wet and sorting his candy

After sorting their candy, we loaded the crazy kids in the car and headed to dinner at Zaxby's where kids in costume ate free.  What else are you going to do on a rainy Halloween night?

pumpkin carving time

We ended up with 4 pumpkins after our trip to the pumpkin patch so we decided we needed to carve at least some of them.

Isabel is very proud of the pumpkin she picked out.  She decided no one could carve it because she wants it to last longer!

Will was all about helping Josh clean out the pumpkins this year.

We went old school this year.  No drawing from a book for us.  Isabel drew a picture that she wanted Josh to carve.  Then both kids stood behind to supervise him!  It turned out pretty great!

I love this sweet girl!

While Josh was carving his own pumpkin the kids wanted to do their own "spooky Halloween" photo shoot.  

Of course that quickly turned into a fight

Isabel decided to use some glow paint on her pumpkin

Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Fun 2015

Although we have soccer games every Saturday, we still fit in a trip to Old Baker's Farm again this year.  Unfortunately, the one weekend that we could go happened to be a festival weekend so there were a million people there.  We still managed to have a lot of fun.  We had friends go with us and then we met Nana and Avery, Ansley and Addy there as well.  It was a great day.  If only it had felt like Fall....

Train ride with friends

pretty girl in the hay maze

stopping to pose in the corn maze

love when they remember they love each other

somehow this is the best cousin picture I got

cuties in the cotton fields

how she always wants to pose

boys will be boys

climbing the haystacks

Will and his pumpkin

Friday, October 23, 2015

Cheering at the Fall Fun Fest

Isabel is cheering with the bluebird squad at her school again this year.  She loves it!  This year they learned a dance to perform as well as cheers.  Their first performance was at their school's Fall Fun Fest.  Both Isabel and Will love this school event.  This year we went early to watch Isabel perform, left for Will's soccer game and then came back to enjoy the festival.  It was crazy but such a fun day!

cheesin' before the dance starts

 ready to start


her favorite part

Oak Mountain!

love my cheerleader

Will loving the inflatables

Very proud of her winnings from the cake walk

Love them!

Will's favorite inflatable!!