Saturday, September 13, 2014

Will lost his first tooth

Will had his first visit from the tooth fairy this week.  He has had a loose tooth for a while but was not sure he wanted daddy to pull it out.  He tried himself a few times but just couldn't do it.  Eventually it was so loose that he let Josh try just once and the tooth was out.  He was so crazy excited and Isabel was right there to explain to him all about the tooth fairy!

He was super excited to wake up the next morning to find money and a note from the tooth fairy!!  My little man is growing up but I'm not sure I'm ready for that sweet little mouth to be full of big kid teeth just yet!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

life in Birmingham

It is so hard to believe that we have already lived in Birmingham for over a month!  Some days it seems like we have been here a week and other days it seems like we have lived here for 6 months.  We are definitely getting adjusted to life in Birmingham.  Josh loves his job and we all love our new church.  The kids are loving their new school and I'm so proud of how well both of them have handled all of the transitions.  Really the only difficult part of the move is the fact that we still have not sold our house in Tennessee.  I'm trying really hard to be patient and remind myself regularly how much worse it could be.  My mom has so graciously given over most of her house to our crazy family and we are enjoying being close to her and the rest of our family here in Birmingham.

This month has mostly been filled with school but we have managed to have some fun too.

I love watching them run to the car every afternoon with big smiles on their faces!

Isabel doesn't mind homework too much so far.  Her teacher is amazing and she loves Isabel as much as Isabel loves her!

I got to eat lunch with my little man the other day.  Unlike his sister, he loves buying lunch at school (as long as it is pizza or some type of chicken!) :)

Both kids LOVE their new church as well and I'm so thankful. They have lots of new friends there and enjoy all the activities.  They are both learning so much and memorizing so much scripture.  I'm so thankful that God gave Josh a job at a church that is perfect for our entire family.

Even though school has started, it definitely still feels like summer outside! The kids love playing with the hose at my mom's house

my sweet girl!

Will still loves playing disc golf with daddy

my cute little man photo-bombed by daddy

silly boy

Isabel and Will are sharing a room right now and they actually really love it.  However, there is not a lot of room for all of their toys.  As you can tell, Isabel's barbie/polly pocket world has pretty much taken over their room

Will is such a great reader these days.  We are so proud of him!

One Saturday Josh had to go to Samford for a church fair so the kids and I went to and enjoyed walking around Samford's campus and eating in the food court.  I love that my kids love a place that is so special to Josh and me.

Of course we have been to a couple of high school football games.  We had fun but are more than ready for the cool, fall, "football weather"
Beautiful sunset at a football game one night

Isabel has started cheerleading at her school (which she LOVES) which means Will and I get to play at a park next to the school once a week during her practice.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Day of School 2014

We survived our first day of school in a new school in a new city!  The kids did great!  I am so proud of how well they have handled so many transitions.  I know God is going to do great things in them this year.

 I still can't believe that my baby is in kindergarten. Unlike his sister, Will has been excited about kindergarten for months.  New situations are much easier for him to deal with than Isabel.  He is completely fine going into a room on his own where he doesn't know anyone.  We met his teacher the day before and he was totally at ease in her room around the other kids.  I was so sad to see my baby go in those school doors but so thankful that he went so happily!

He got in the car the afternoon after his first day with a huge smile on his face and told me that he LOVES school.  My little man even bought his lunch and was such a big kid!

Unlike her brother, Isabel does not like to go into any situation where she does not know someone or exactly what to expect. I knew a new church and new school would be harder on her but she has been so brave and we are so proud of her.  She got a little teary and nervous the morning of her first day but by the time we got to the school she was fine.  She loves her new teacher and has met a couple of girls in her class that she likes talking to.  Her only issue right now is that she has to wear tennis shoes every day!  In Tennessee, she only wore them once a week for PE.  She is not a fan of socks and shoes but we found some sparkly silver shoes that seem to be ok for now.

My beautiful girl had a great first day.  Her teacher complimented something she was writing and showed it to the class as an example of what to do.  Isabel was so proud!  She also bought her lunch the first day but was not a fan of the pizza "It was a rectangle and did NOT have a crust!!"  I'm pretty sure I'll be packing this girl's lunch for the next few years!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Packing up and saying goodbye

An update from iPhone pictures because who can find the real camera right now?

The past few weeks have easily been some of the most stressful weeks of my life.  You would think that moving from the city you have lived for 28 years with a 20 month old while 8 months pregnant would be way more difficult than any other type of move.  Well, not necessarily.  This move is different/harder than our first move for a couple of reasons.

1.  We have to sell a house.  Last time we had been renting so we just had to pack up and go.  So. Stinking. Easy.  This time we had to get our house ready to sell by packing up the extra junk (that is everywhere when you have kids), fix the million little things that we have been ignoring, clean ridiculously well and then try to actually keep in clean.  To make matters worse we missed the time 2 months ago when houses were selling in a day or two. Even though it has not sold, we had to get to Birmingham anyway for work and school.  So while we wait (and PRAY) for it to sell, we are staying at my mom's house and hoping we don't drive her completely crazy!

2. Our kids start school in a week.  Wait, even better Will starts Kindergarten in a week.  That's a big deal.  It turns out there are lots of crazy zoning rules these schools have.  They will not let you start school in a zone just because you are planning to move into it. Even though we promised!  We do have a contract on a house (woo hoo!) but since our house in Tennessee has not sold, we will not close in 30 days which means problems again with the schools.  After lots of talking to school officials, getting paperwork from mortgage people and basically just praying for a miracle, I was able to get both kids registered!

3. Saying goodbye after 6 years is hard and there were lots of goodbyes!

Our small group had a "send off" party for us before we left.  It was the best night but so hard because it reminded us how many people we love in Hendersonville that we had to leave behind.  I may have spent 90% of my night holding a newborn.  2 of my friends just had babies and I could not get enough of them.  Thank goodness for social media so I can watch these babies grow up!

Almost every Monday night for the past 2 years we have had dinner with one of our favorite families.  We basically got to know each other years ago when we were both at Chick-fil-A every Monday for family night.  Then our girls started school together, our boys became good friends and we spent a ton of time together.  At some point our kids graduated to having a kids table and the adults were able to have a real conversation (well as much as you can with a kids table nearby).  Our Monday nights in Birmingham just won't be the same.  We will all miss this family terribly!

The students at BBC had a going away party for us as well.  You can tell by the cakes they got that they know us well.  

These students have been so special to us and it was a bittersweet night.  Each year at the end of camp Josh passes out "awards" to each student based on some type of inside joke from the week.  The kids love their awards and look forward to them each year.  Well, this night they turned the tables and gave Josh awards!  So creative and hilarious!!  These kids have loved having Josh as their youth minister.

We were also given some awesome gifts from students, their families and other members of our church.

Our last Sunday, our church had a reception for us.  It was so great to get a chance to get to say goodbye to so many friends.  Of course they decorated appropriately!

Saying goodbye was tough but we are officially in Alabama and ready for a new adventure!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sleepover fun!

Isabel and her best friend, Lillie, were determined to have a sleepover before we moved. Originally the plan was for the girls to stay at our house but since our house is on the market and needs to look perfect at all times it made sense for them to stay at Lillie's house. We know their family really well so Josh and I felt good about letting her go. 

I'll admit that I was not 100% sure that Isabel would stay all night. I was ready for a phone call to come pick her up but of course I was wrong. The had a great time. They stayed up giggling until 11pm when they finally fell asleep in the same twin sized bed!

We thought they would sleep late the next morning but wrong again. They were up and dressed and ready to go a little after 7am. 

Isabel could not stop talking about how much fun she had until I made her "rest" later that afternoon. She was asleep seconds after laying down. She then went to sleep early that night and slept until 9am. 

I think her first sleep over was definitely a success. My baby girl is growing up!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Adventures...

The past few weeks have been pretty bittersweet for our family.  Josh has accepted a job as the student pastor of Valleydale Church in Birmingham.  We are so excited about this job, this church and being close to family in Birmingham again. Josh and I have prayed over this decision and know that God has given us this amazing opportunity and we want to follow His will for our lives.  However, saying goodbye to our friends family in Hendersonville is harder than I ever imagined.

We moved to Hendersonville almost 6 years ago.  Isabel was 20 months old...

                      and I was 33 weeks pregnant with Will!

The people at our new church immediately took us in and loved us.  People that didn't even know us threw me a baby shower and brought us meals for weeks after Will was born.  As hard as it was to live hours away from our family, God continued to bring people into our lives to encourage us, help us, do life with us and be our family here in Hendersonville.  He provided us with family friends and a small group for both Josh and me that impacted our lives in more ways than we ever could explain. We had the privilege of being a part of the lives of so many incredible teenagers and watched them grow and mature.  My babies grew up in this town. They went to school for the first time, danced, played sports, and made sweet friends.  At Bluegrass Baptist Church they were spoiled loved on, taught about God, learned to love Jesus and learned to love church.  I will always be thankful that God brought us to this city and for the years we were allowed to serve in this church.

And now I am thankful for the opportunity to go "home" and serve in another amazing church.  I am excited about the new families we will meet and the new teenagers we get to invest in.  I'm excited about getting to see God use Josh in the lives of these new students.  I'm thankful that we will be close to family and friends in Birmingham again.  I am ridiculously thankful for social media so we can stay connected to our friends in Hendersonville.  More than anything, I'm thankful that I serve a God that loves me and my family more than I can imagine.  I'm thankful that He has an amazing plan for our lives and that I can simply trust him and follow his direction.  I'm thankful for the peace that comes from following God even while your heart is hurting because saying goodbye is never easy.

Please pray for our family during this transition.  Pray our house sells quickly and that we find a house in Birmingham that we love.  Pray we can get settled before BOTH of my babies start school.  Pray for us as we say goodbye to those we love and pray new friendships are formed quickly. Isabel and Will are super excited about moving close to grandparents but having a hard time saying goodbye to their friends.  Pray for Josh's new ministry at Valleydale and that God will provide a new person to invest in the students at BBC.  Pray we will continue to seek God's wisdom and direction in all we do.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy July 4th

After an exhausting July 3rd, we relaxed a little on July 4th and then headed to a BBQ at our good friends' house.  It was the perfect evening of great food, amazing fireworks and some of our best friends.  Thankful for our freedoms, my family and good friends!

The boys played a million games of soccer.  It's hard to wait for it to get dark!

Such sweet friends

such crazy girls!!

love my beautiful girl

She spends a lot of time upside down these days

Couldn't be any cuter....

but they are trouble!!!

the dads were involved in a pretty serious soccer game against the little boys

Apparently running through the smoke bombs is so much fun!

We tried to get a group picture.......

They may have down about 50 sparklers each this year!

I love this picture of these girls being silly with their glow bracelets 

Like I said, they did a lot of fireworks

Sweet boys sharing a seat watching the amazing fireworks show the neighbors put on

**Funny Story: On the way to our friends' house, the song "I'm Proud to be an American" came on and I told the kids to listen.  They both listen for a minute and then Isabel says, "Minnesota? What's a Minnesota?"  Oh gosh. After explaining it was a state we listened some more.  After the line "the men who died to give this right to me.." Isabel says, "what? died? Who died??"  Will looks at her like she is crazy and says, "Jesus! Jesus died!"  So maybe we are not doing so well on teaching patriotism but at least they know Jesus died for them (and America too??)