Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt Fun!

Some of our friends hosted an Easter egg hunt at their house today that was so much fun!  The weather was amazing and we all had a great time.  We ate lunch and then waited while all of the guys went to hide eggs.  Then we let the kids loose in the front yard.  My two were much older than the others so we cut them off after a while.  They were so cute helping the little ones though!  After all of the eggs were found, we all hung out enjoying the beautiful weather while the kids blew bubbles, drew with sidewalk chalk, ran around the yard and of course dug into some eggs for some candy.  I am so thankful for sweet friends and a fun day!

A beautiful bunny with her handsome brother

I love this crazy girl

This picture makes me laugh.  He is trying to make himself stop and smile for the picture like I asked but his eyes are still looking for more eggs to grab!

Such a cute little bunny.  He had fun just sitting in the yard watching the big kids run around.

Sometimes the "hiders" can be a little mean. ha ha!
Will spotted this egg and after trying multiple times to jump high enough to reach it, Josh finally came to help

Such a cute bunch of kids (and some of their parents)

love these two so much!

**This will always be an Easter to remember for me: the Easter I had to tell Isabel that the Easter bunny wasn't real!  Honestly, we have gotten lucky for the past 7 years.  We have never really said the Easter bunny was real but we never said he wasn't real either. We really just didn't talk about it much. We have always done Easter baskets on Saturday and simply said it was a fun Easter surprise.  My kids never asked if it was from us or the bunny.  Then on Easter Sunday we focused on Jesus, the cross and His resurrection.  It was easy...until this year.  Isabel came home from school on Thursday and asked if the Easter bunny was real.  I tried to just play it off and not give her a real answer but there was no way that was working.  She was told at school that the Easter bunny brings presents if you are good and since she thinks she was good she wanted to know where her presents were.  I reminded her that she has always gotten something for Easter so that led to "well, did you put stuff in my Easter basket or did the Easter bunny?"  Ugh!  I didn't want to lie to her and I don't really care if she believes in a huge bunny anyway so I finally just said, "what do you think? Do you think a giant bunny brings you presents?"  She laughed and assured me that she never really believed anyway.  We did have a conversation about not telling anyone else because it can be a fun secret and lots of kids still believe.  I have to say, I'm fine with her knowing the truth about the bunny but I'm super thankful this didn't lead to questions about Santa.  I'm not ready for that! Why are my babies growing up so fast?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Wedding Weekend

We had such a fun (and exhausting) weekend celebrating the wedding of a very special couple.  When we moved to Hendersonville and started at our church, Lindsay was a senior in our youth group.  The youth group was very small at that point so we got to know those kids really well.  Lindsay loved my children from the start and they loved her.  In fact, she was the first non-family babysitter we ever had and at that time Will screamed his head off when I left him was dealing with some separation anxiety so it was not easy for me to leave him and I'm sure it was not easy on Lindsay.  Although we were devastated when she left for college we still saw her often and maintained a close relationship (and her younger sister became our babysitter).  She started dating Ryan and they both helped with multiple youth events over the years.  I have always been so impressed by their relationship and how focused they both are on their relationships with God. When Lindsay and Ryan got engaged, she asked Josh to officiate the wedding, Isabel to be her flower girl and Will to be her ring bearer.  We were so excited to be a part of this sweet couple's special day!

It is impossible to know what to expect of your children in certain situations and this was definitely one of those times.  I have to say that I was ridiculously proud of both kids throughout the entire weekend.  Friday we checked Isabel out of school a little early to get to the rehearsal in time.  Both kids followed directions perfectly the entire time.  I was a little concerned when I found out that 1) Will would actually be holding the real rings and 2) that both kids would stand in the front throughout the wedding.  However, they acted like little wedding pros and did everything right! :)

ready to rehearse!

Will standing on a rock so he could be taller than Isabel

The day of the wedding started with a morning soccer game in which Will's team was amazing and we think Will scored 2 goals. (yes, I said think.  Have you ever seen a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds play soccer?  It is pretty impossible to tell who actually kicked the ball into the goal).  Then we headed to the wedding.  Both kids looked precious and handled the waiting and pictures really well.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful!  It was so simple but so creative, classy and fun.  It fitted the couple perfectly!  Josh did a great job as well.  He was able to make the stressed couple laugh throughout the day as well as during the service.  I love listening to him talk about marriage and what the Bible says about how husbands and wives should love each other.  Lindsay and Ryan wrote their own vows and they were perfect.  They were endearing, funny, sentimental and summed up their relationship perfectly!  It was a perfect wedding!

My beautiful flower girl just looked way too grown up

So proud of these two!

Did I mention the wedding was outside and that there were bees EVERYWHERE?  Just another thing my kids handled flawlessly.  During the ceremony a bee was buzzing around Isabel's head but she just stood very still and looked at me with big eyes and luckily it flew away.

Isabel with the beautiful bride!
(Isabel loves to say they are both redheads)
(no Isabel's hair is not really red but she does have a lot of red in it so she declares it red)

Isabel with the sister of the bride (who is also our fabulous babysitter)

loved this!

be still my heart.... I love this little man

This was about 30 seconds after the wedding was over.  He just couldn't be still any longer and started running around in circles.  His shirt was untucked about a minute later. 

always willing to pose for a picture

These doors were set up outside and closed until time for the bride to walk down the aisle 

Josh looking so handsome in his suit trying to restrain these 2 crazy kids

Family picture

After the wedding was over Will ran around for a while and then found a huge stick that he used to hit the trees with.  Have I mentioned lately that he is ALL BOY?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Soccer Star

It is soccer time!!  Will is playing upwards soccer this year and I think he is going to love it.  He has been looking forward to it for months.  He had his first practice last night and then his first game this morning.  Unfortunately after a week of 70 degree days, Saturday morning was quite a bit colder but we survived and are hoping the rest of the season is much warmer!

Practice went really well last night.  Will did a great job staying focused (not always an easy task for this age group) and was great at kicking the ball down field.  The game, however, was a little more difficult.  The other team had some definite star players who must have played multiple times in the past.  They scored a ton of goals a few more times than us but the kids still had a lot of fun and didn't get too discouraged.  Will got an award for effort at the end of the game and we were proud of how hard he tried.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We were all so ready for spring break this year!  We all needed a break from school and the strict, crazy schedule that comes with it.  Plus our new pastor decided to close the church office for the week so Josh got the whole week off as well.  Perfect!  We decided that a relaxing trip to Birmingham would be a nice way to spend the week.  We spent time with family, went to the children's science center, played at Samford and just enjoyed time together.  Plus Josh and I spent a day in Atlanta shopping at Ikea and having dinner with some of our best friends from college that we never get to see.  It was wonderful!

Avery was at her other grandparents that week but Isabel and Will had so much fun playing with Ansley and Addy.  Isabel loves being the oldest cousin.  She constantly wanted to take care of Addy and the highlight of her week was getting to feed Addy one night!

Will loves his cousins too but it is hard to be the only boy sometimes.  He loves when he gets to be the only one to hang out with the "big boys" (Josh and Matt)

wrestling with Will

Loving the McWane Center!

sweet cousins

Samford will always be one of my favorite places!  It is so beautiful and we have so many special memories of this place.  I love taking our children there and watching them enjoy it too!

Ha! This picture makes me laugh every time!

We definitely enjoyed our break.  Now the count down 'til summer begins!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back to the zoo

What better way to celebrate the start of spring break than spending a beautiful day at the zoo?  It wasn't quite as warm as it had been earlier that week but warm enough!  We had not been to our zoo in so long so it was nice to be back.  I realized as we were getting ready to go that it was our first trip to the zoo in 7 years without a stroller.  Our kids are officially old enough to walk the whole time (and they didn't even complain about it).  Every time I realize how old our kids are getting I am sad and thankful that life is easier at the same time.

These kids love their maps! Well, Will liked looking at it for the first 5 minutes, but then climbing on the fences to see the animals was way more fun.  Isabel kept up with her map the entire time and constantly updated us on which animals were up  next!

We have always loved the gibbons!  They put on quite a show this time too swinging from tree to tree!

My beautiful girl.  When did she get so grown up?

Our zoo added some kangaroos since we were there last.  They were fun to get to see!

This boy is all about his daddy these days.  He wants to be just like Josh, which I am so thankful for!

When we were at the Birmingham Zoo last October Will LOVED the huge tortoises.  He was so excited that our zoo now has 2 as well.  

I'm pretty sure Will brushed and petted every single animal he saw in the "critter encounter."  He loved every second of it!

Isabel was not really interested in touching any animal at first but she eventually decided to brush a little goat and then even started feeding one!

The giraffes didn't come very close to us this time but there was a new baby giraffe that was fun to see!