Friday, January 27, 2017

Basketball cheering

Isabel and her school cheer squad have been learning a dance for the last few months and they finally got to perform during halftime of OMHS girls' basketball game.  Isabel was so excited and she did great!!

Southern snow day

Since we have moved to Alabama we really have not seen any snow.  I miss it.  We thought we were going to get our chance to get some real snow a few weeks ago.  The weathermen were forecasting 1-3 inches.  School was closed.  Break and milk were bought by everyone.  We were ready.  After waiting all day, it started sleeting pretty heavily.  We kept waiting for that sleet to turn to snow but unfortunately it never came.

The next day Isabel and Will were a little disappointed but still got out to play in the "snow" we did get.  It may not have snowed but it was still cold.  I was amazed at how long they stayed out.

we realized very quickly that we don't actually own any "snow clothes"

There was more snow on the trampoline than anywhere else so that is where they stayed most of the time

Isabel spent a lot of the time slipping and falling and then laughing too hard to get back up

throwing snow at Will

Snow Angels on the trampoline

After a while Will decided that he was done being wet.  After changing clothes he was back out to play.

After staying off the roads for 2 days we decided it was worth the risk to drive to the nearest restaurant that was open, Waffle House!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Merry Christmas!

The rest of Christmas Day was a fun day with our family.  We met Grams and Nana at church and had the opportunity to sing songs celebrating the birth of Jesus.

After lunch there were more presents to open!  Of course Will had to change out of his church clothes first.  Since it was 75 degrees  his shorts made sense.


Will loves football and basketball cards. 

so many presents!


Grams likes her printer!

Nana got the shopvac she wanted!

Will really wanted a rubix cube

New shoes!

I love the picture Isabel picked out for me at her holiday shop!

Will loves his AL blanket (and his sister is a crazy photobomber)

Girl Legos were at the top of Isabel's wish list this year


Since she outgrew all of her pajamas since last year, Isabel was excited about a new nightgown

Since it was so warm, the rest of the day was spent on the trampoline for these two

It took Will less than an hour to add a basketball goal to the trampline

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started bright and early with these two ready to see what Santa brought.  I think they were very happy with all their surprises!

waiting to go down the stairs

Luckily Santa found the gigantic bears they requested

Will's remote control car

The excitement grew when they found a letter from Santa telling them to go outside...


Because Christmas was on a Sunday we had to get ready for church but Isabel and Will still found some time to jump before we left

Christmas Eve

After a relaxing day, we were all ready for the Christmas Eve Service at our church.  I love starting Christmas worshiping with my family to remind us all of the true meaning of Christmas.

These 4 are almost always together while at church

Silent Night in candlelight is everyone's favorite

What Will thought about taking a few more pictures after we got home

After church and dinner, we let the kids open one present each.  Since they began shopping for each other and for us at the holiday shop at school, they have decided that those should be the gifts we should open.  I love their excitement to give the gifts they picked out especially for each family member.

Will bought Isabel a stuffed owl that she just loved

Isabel bought Will a bag full of goodies; erasers, sticky men that climb down the walls, a notebook, squishy frogs and a bookmark.  He loved it all!

Isabel bought her daddy a flashlight key-chain and a world's best dad coaster

Will bought me a "coolest mom" snowman ornament

Then it was time to get ready for Santa and go to bed!  Isabel and Will picked out cookies for Santa and put it with the notes they had written him earlier that day.  After throwing food for the reindeer in the front yard it was time to sleep and dream about what Santa would bring..

ready to throw food for the reindeer!